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Nice way to end a show.
Yes, even in a show like Beavis and Butt-Head, there's bound to be examples.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The episode "A Very Special Episode", as it is one of the few episodes where Beavis and Butt-Head have a Pet the Dog moment.
    • Although said moment is subverted as the two wanted the baby bird to die and only fed it because they thought it wouldn't die until after it was fed, leading them to nurse it back to health by complete accident.
  • Beavis getting a ton of letters from lady admirers in the "Letters To Santa Butt-Head" segment. And then BOTH of the boys getting a letter from a woman at the end!
    • In the "It's a Miserable Life" episode, Beavis is shown to be a decent person in a world without Butt-Head, volunteering at a soup kitchen. And when Butt-Head assaults Beavis and tries to take him away, the homeless people Beavis served come to his defense and protect him.
  • Butt-Head bonding with Cher in the "I Got You Babe" music video.
  • Beavis apparently having a fairly heart-to-heart conversation with a single mother over the phone in the revival episode "Tech Support." It's treated as a joke because it's so out-of-character, but it was also kind of sweet.
    • Also from "Tech Support", the boys treatment of Hamid is nice, pronouncing his name right and offering him encouragement as he tries to emulate them.
      • Hamid: "Hey guys! This guy, he say 'Microsoft'! 'Micro'. 'Soft'. Is funny, right?"
      • Butt-Head: "Uh, not bad, Hamid."
      • Beavis: "Yeah. You're getting better."
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  • In "Manners Suck," when Beavis (jokingly) accuses Mr Manners of trying to molest him, a horrified Mr Van Driessen unhesitatingly comes to the aid of Beavis and starts slapping the crap out of Mr Manners. Of course, the entire scene is played as a joke, because A) Beavis is obviously lying, and B) Mr Manners and Mr Van Driessen proceed to engage in an exceedingly wimpy slap fight, but it really shows just how much Van Driessen cares for his students.
  • Beavis's unlikely friendship with the old lady in "Beavis & Butt-Head Do America."
  • A more fitting Pet the Dog moment for the two would be the episode "Skin Trade" where Beavis forms a bond with a dead animal he found at the dump that he treats like a pet. Twisted? Yes, but completely in character.
  • The duo's unlikely friendship with the female criminal only known as "Biker Lady" in the early episode "Friday Night." They assist her in robbing the convenience store and she takes them for a ride on her motorcycle, before driving off.
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  • In the revival series, Beavis revealing that when he has low self esteem, he listens to Katy Perry's song "Firework" to feel better about himself. Even better, when Butt-Head taunts him for this, Beavis gives him a swift kick in the balls. "Dammit, I AM a firework! I'm an M80!" A satisfying combination of awesome, and somehow, kinda sweet.
  • The end of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, where they find their stolen TV. It's almost a Brick Joke considering the events of the movie, but still a very satisfying moment.
  • In a twisted way, "Most Wanted." They boys come across a knife-toting psychopath on the run from the cops in their backyard. Just by being their blissfully idiotic selves, they manage to make him laugh, feel a little better about himself, and turn himself back in to police. And before he leaves, he even gives them prison tattoos as a parting gift! note 
  • In the episode "Foreign Exchange", it's pretty sweet to see Beavis and Butt-Head bonding with Hiro, the Japanese exchange student. The episode even ends with a photo of the three of them.
  • Tom Anderson sticking up for the duo in "Daughter's Hand" was a very brave and bold move, even though he loses the fight.
  • "Beavis and Butt-Head are Dead," the Grand Finale from 1997, is a loving tribute (via Clip Show) to the boys and their legendary stupidity over the years. According to Word of God, they did consider killing them off, but they were such a labor of love by the producers that they couldn't bring themselves to do it. Pictured above, the episode instead ends with them walking into the sunset laughing to themselves, cracking about Principal McVicker. Cue closing credits, set to Liberace's "I'll Be Seeing You" (set over such touching clips as Beavis scratching his itchy wiener with a Burger World spatula), with a message from the producers: "Thank you to all the talented artists, writers and highly intelligent people who worked so hard to make Beavis and Butt-Head look so dumb."
    • In-universe, there's Van Driessen reminiscing about his experiences with Beavis and Butt-Head while they're still believed to be dead, showing that not only does he hold no ire for the various physical injuries and pain they've caused him, he still holds them in the same regard he holds for all of his students.
    Van Driessen: Beavis and Butt-Head did have a difficult journey through this life. I can only hope that now they've found whatever it was they were looking for.
  • In "The Great Cornholio", Beavis actually apologizes to Principal McVicker for the trouble he's caused as Cornholio. McVicker was shocked so much, that he decides not to punish him and actually tells Beavis that he's proud of him.McVicker then gives him more candy, and Beavis actually thanks him. It's really nice, and interesting, how genuinely goodhearted Beavis can be in isolated moments.
  • From the revival season, the episode "The Rat." Despite spending the first half of the episode trying to kill the eponymous rodent that's invaded their kitchen, the dim-witted duo—Beavis, specifically—end up saving its life by accident... and then, after the rat grows visibly attached to Beavis, he suggests that they keep it as a pet. Butt-Head's response? A rather nonchalant, "Uh, okay."
    • And despite breaking health regulations by taking it to Burger World, Beavis and Butt-Head do seem to like having the rat around. It's even still alive by the end of the episode!
      • Not only that, the rat is revealed to have been female at the end, when Butt-Head finds the rat curled up with her babies. Then the episode just ends. Adorable.
  • Believe it or not, there are moments in the show where Beavis and Butt-Head actually compliment each other from time to time. It’s nice to see as it doesn’t happen very often.


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