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  • After years of producing weird Nightmare Fuel heavy shorts to premiere at 4:00 AM, [as] showed "Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep", and it's... actually about comedian Joe Pera calmly telling stories and jokes to help you go to sleep. There's no creepy or off-kilter twist in it at all, with the only real disruption in the calmness of the whole thing is Joe rushing to stop a voicemail recording of an ex-girlfriend breaking up with him. The whole thing could almost qualify as the closest thing the channel has gone to Sweet Dreams Fuel.
    • Later in the year, they aired "Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree". Joe has the same awkward charm he had in the the first special, but the way the special ends is also very heartwarming, where his elementary school choir class ends up surprising him with a gift of the perfect Christmas tree.
    • Pera's content was received so well that [as] gave him his own series, Joe Pera Talks With You, in 2018.
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  • On early morning September 18th, 2016, Clay Martin Croker, the voice actor of Moltar and Zorak on Space Ghost Coast to Coast (as well as the former's appearances on Toonami and the latter's appearances in Cartoon Planet) and Dr. Weird on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, passed away. To honor his memory, [adult swim] aired the very first episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast at 12:30 AM that evening and put almost every episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and The Brak Show up for viewing on their website to honor him.
  • Thursday, September 28, 2017 was longtime promo-writer Pete Smith's final day at [adult swim] before retirement. In his honor, [adult swim] aired an all-night marathon of The Brak Show (a writer and producer for the classic), following a marathon of Bob's Burgers (which his daughter works as a writer for). They also aired some of his most popular promos that he had written for [adult swim] through the years, as proper thanks for the man responsible for a lot of [adult swim]'s own quirky humor.
    • 2018 saw a repeat of the event, with the seeming intent that September 28th will be forever known as Pete Smith Day to those at [adult swim].
  • The entirety of the "History of Adult Swim" marathon, where each show they ever made aired in the 1AM slot. Each bump that segued into the show gave quick little behind-the-scenes tidbits, What Could Have Been facts, and "Where are they now?" moments for their creators. Certain shows like Perfect Hair Forever and The Boondocks were looked upon fondly the most, with a desire to make more of them if they had the chance.

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