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Is Vilde´s mother alchoholic, clinically depressed or both?

  • Vilde always talk about her mom´s wine evenings, but then again, if she is really an alchoholic, why would she make alchohol related excuses if she doesn´t want anyone to know. Chris says her mom is depressed, but how much she knows, and how much she is guessing is unclear. The reason Vilde doesn´t host parties could be because she doesn´t want to disturb her mother, or because she has so much to deal with that she doesn´t want to clean up after a party. The pill Vilde gives her mom in her clip could be anti-depressent. But maybe it was a pill for headache to counter against hangover.

Vilde gave her mother anti-anxiety medication.

  • From the last episode of Skam, it seems that her mother is severely clinically depressed. IIRC, there's an episode earlier in the show where Eva uses her mom's "wine night" as an excuse for why she can't have a party at her house, and so it makes sense that Vilde would see that as an acceptable excuse and use it later instead of explaning that her mom is depressed.


Did Jonas know Isak was gay?

  • He seemed unsurprised when he came out. Did he simply play it cool because it honestly wasn´t important to him, and he did want to make a big deal out of it in order to make Isak more comfortable? Or did he suspect it and just guessed girl names first in case he was wrong, or in order to make Isak say it himself. Maybe he didn´t want Isak to know that he knew so he wouldn´t freak out about whether other people could tell.
    • This would mean that Jonas calling out Isak´s homophobic remarks in the dancing girl scene, was maybe about him calling Isak out for taking his own insecurities out on other gay guys, or trying to show him he would accept him if he came out, or both
    • Did he also know about Isak´s crush on him? Was he just joking when he asked if it was him?
  • Would Isak have admitted the truth about why he did what he did if Eva had guessed it at end of season 1?
    • He seems surprised for a moment when she guesses he has feelings for her. It seems he wasn´t expecting that answer. But before that he tells her to think about it, which means he was either planning on admitting to whatever she said or he thought she would guess the truth and admit to it. If he was just hoping she would guess something, why would this answer surprise him?


Did Isak think Eva was using him?

  • When Isak said he had been angry at Eva because he thought she knew about his feelings for her, did he just make it up to excuse his actions so Eva´d be more likely to forgive him.
  • or was he telling the truth about everything except who he had feelings for (in other words, did Isak really think Eva knew about his feelings for Jonas, but still came to him to talk about her problems with him).

Did Even have feelings for Mikael?

  • Its seems clear that Even tried to kiss Mikael while manic. But did he do it because he had feelings for him which he acted upon during a manic episode, or was it just a silly impulse he had while manic.

Did Sonja know about the kiss?

  • She seems to have been together with at the time, considering that she apparently began dating him before his fallout with Balloon squad. If so, did she simply blame it on the mania and let it go? Could that have inspired the idea to tell Isak that Even wasn´t in love with him? Did she not think anything of it because she didn´t know Even was pansexual, and assumed he was straight? Or did simply no one tell her about it, and she never found out?

Who is Lea whose name is on the Valtersen´s door sign?

  • Isak´s sister? Then why wasn´t she in the church in season 3? Maybe she is older and living somewhere else, or maybe she just skipped it for work, studying for an exam. Since it appears that it is the first time in a while that the family has been gathered together, it seems important that they all show up, but maybe she had something come up, or like Isak, has some unresolved issues with her family and didn´t feel like facing them. But that begs the question of why we aren´t shown Isak coming out to her, since he has at this point come out to his friends and both parents.

How much of Vilde´s eating disorder was caused by William, and how much by her general insecurities?

  • Was it simply just the last straw,or was it actually a large factor, if not the main factor?

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