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Tear Jerker / Skam

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  • Eva crying after kissing Chris, believing Jonas was cheating on her, and realizing Chris has a girlfriend.
  • Eva crying when Jonas texts her he doesn't want to talk to her at the moment.
  • Eva's talk with Ingrid, and Iben telling Eva that she loves Chris.
  • Eva snapping at her mom for not being around enough.
  • Eva confronting Isak at Iben's party is this to when you think about. She has been betrayed by a friend and is clearly hurt and angry, while Isak is clearly tired and frustrated because of his unrequited feelings (though they turn out to not have been for Eva) for person he had to watch be in love someone else all the time.
    • If you think about their situations the scene is even sadder:
      • Eva has been betrayed by a friend, the only friend she has outside of the new friends she has made in the girl squad, her relationship with Jonas is a mess, and she being bullied at school, all while people are gossiping about her mistake.
      • Isak on the other hand is dealing with unrequited feelings for his best friend (or as Eva believes, his best friend's girlfriend, which would also be bad)who is in love with someone else, his sexuality and his mother's breakdown. He has probably never had to deal with his mother's illness without his dad being around to take care of things before. On top of that, he is afraid Eva will tell Jonas, which could very likely ruin their friendship when he probably needs Jonas (his best and only friend besides Eva) even more than usual because of his family situation. On top of that he is probably afraid of losing Eva's friendship.
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  • Vilde saying she just isn't "good enough" when Noora confronts her eating habits.
  • When Noora tells Vilde that William is a playboy and she should just forget him, Vilde comments how "They say that you should think that "It's not you, it's him"... but how can you think like that? I'm starting to think it's me there's something wrong with."
  • Noora claims to William that her parents don't love her. William replies that that's not possible.
  • Noora's depression after believing she was drugged and slept with, or was raped by Nicolai.
  • Noora trying to stop William from walking away, and winding up sitting on the ground. Especially since it's Noora of all people.
  • Sonja telling Isak that Even is manic.
  • Sana, after an already diffucult evening, washing Isak's blood of her hands while listening to Sara and the other Pepsi Max girl talk about her and her brother.
    • Also, finding out about all the bullying Sana suffered in Urra.
  • Sana worrying that the girls won't forgive her for the hate account.
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  • Vilde's clip in the season 4 finale, revealing her taking care of her possibly(?) clinically ill mother.

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