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"Guys don't go around calling guys sluts, so if you think that's unfair, you have to stop calling other girls sluts." note 

— Noora to Vilde in season one

"Your opinion meant more than my own, and that's not how it should be." note 

— Eva to Jonas in season one

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

— The quote on Noora's wall in season two

"War doesn't start with violence. It starts with misunderstanding and prejudice." note 

— Sana to Noora in season two

"People experience shitty things every day and still manage to be nice to each other. Being an asshole isn't something you become, it's a choice." note 

— Noora to William in season two

"Islam says the same as always. That all people in this world are equal, and that no person should be talked about behind their back, violated, judged, or ridiculed. So if you hear anyone use religion to legitimize their hate, don't listen. Because hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear." note 

— Sana to Isak in season three

"You are not alone." note 

— Isak to Even in season three

"Whether you believe in Allah, Jesus, the theory of evolution or parallell universes, there's only one thing we know for sure. Life is... now." note 

— Isak in the season three finale

"Who would've thought? The gay guy and the Muslim. Best buds." note 

— Isak to Sana in season four

"Fear spreads, but fortunately, love does too." note 

— Jonas to Sana/the audience in season four

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