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  • Magnus grabs Jonas's butt in one scene.
  • Jonas acts a bit like a he has a crush on Elias (not Sana's brother), and even ignores his girlfriend, while they are on what was supposed to be a romantic trip with just the two of them.
  • Jonas and Isak have some throughout the series, though it is revealed to be genuine on Isak's side in season 1.
    • Just like with Elias, Jonas invites Isak on what was supposed to be a romantic cabin-trip with just him and Eva.
    • Jonas and Isak have an argument in season three after watching the dancing chicks which sounds like a married couple fighting, with Jonas accusing Isak of having been in a bad mood all day.
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    • The season two finale reveals that Jonas apparently is wearing Isak's clothes, and it's implied that it's not the first time.
      • When you consider the fact that in season 3, Isak and Even, his boyfriend, wear each other clothes quite often, the fact that Jonas borrows Isak´s clothes becomes even more suggestive.
    • Jonas jokingly become offended when Isak denies having feelings for him a little too eagerly.
  • Magnus calls Even hot and hugs him after meeting him for the first time
  • Magnus shows interest in watching Isak and Even have sex, and is disappointed when Isak calls him a turn-off and lists him nr. 3 out of him, Mahdi and Jonas over who he would sleep with.
    • Mahdi and Jonas are quite happy to be nr. 1 and 2
  • Eva and Vilde have made out on more than one occasion.

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