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  • Isak walking in on Eva and Jonas, followed by him singing "I'm mister lonely" outside their bedroom.
  • Chris trying to seduce Isak with a spoon.
  • Vilde trying to impress Eskild with an old wine: "It's from 19...(reads label).. 2014."
  • The boy squad looking at the dancing girls, mesmerized.
    • Except Isak, who looks bored out of his mind.
  • Magnus saying maybe Jonas, Mahdi and him will stand a chance at picking up girls since Isak is a "fag". Isak's reply?
    • "Still doesn't mean you have any game"
  • Isak and Even being caught kissing in a pool they broke into by a little girl. There is silence for a moment before she screams for her mom and the boys run away. On top of it Isak gets stuck for a moment in the window.
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  • Eva pushing Jonas off her bed when her mom arrives. We then get a shot of his hand, giving her the finger.
  • Magnus follows Even's advice that he should just "take his desperation to the next level" when trying to hit on Vilde... which works.
    Magnus: I haven't fucked before and I really want to fuck.
    Vilde: (in a shy voice) You can fuck me if you want.
    Magnus: ... Thank you.
  • Basically every scene with the school nurse.
  • Sana's response to their opponents calling themselves a "cool gang" when the girls are fighting over a "Russ" bus.
  • Isak's reply to Magnus asking him who is the guy and the girl when gay guys have sex: "I was going to ask you the same thing, but then I remember that you don't have sex."
  • Ingrid fleeing when she realizes Iben heard her saying she hooked up with Chris.
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  • Eskild scolding Linn for not thinking of sending William an email.
  • From the same scene, Eskild showing interest in Elias. Sana just looks at him repulsed and tells him that Elias is her brother. Eskild awkwardly decides that that won't work.
  • Noora and Eva realize Isak might be gay when they find several tabs of gay porn on his phone.
  • Sana saying she took the wrong train on her way when she arrives too late to help Isak move out.
    • Apparently Madhi does it too when he can´t be bothered to meet Magnus.
  • Sana´s reaction when the girls talk about finding a guy for Noora and see Sana´s brother and his friends working out.
    Sana: No, no, no, no!

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