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  • Noora's reaction when Nico threatens to publish the nude pictures he took of her, when she was passed out from drink. She calmly tells him that since she is under 18 those pictures are child pornography, and he can get up to two years in prison for having them on his phone. Plus she has been recording their conversation, and now has evidence that he has provided alcohol to a minor, made child pornography, and threatened her.
    You know what they do to child pornographers in prison, right? If you are in the showers and drop the soap ... I wouldn't pick it up.
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  • Sana telling Isak straight when he once again questions her Muslim faith:
    Sana: Islam says the same as always. That all people in this world have the same worth. And that no person should be spoken about behind their backs, be violated, judged or mocked. So when you hear someone use religion to justify their hate, don't listen. Because hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear.

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