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  • Throughout season 3 Isak occasionally receives text messages from his mom where all she does is quote parts from the Bible to him, and Isak himself describes her as "crazy", leading the viewers as well as Isak to believe she'll be the least likely contender to accept his sexuality. When he finally gathers his courage to text her that he's dating a boy, along with apologizing for how his confession must hurt her, she simply replies with how she's loved Isak ever since he was born and she always will.
  • Isak and Even's emotional reunion in the penultimate episode of season 3 had many reviewers calling it one of Norwegian TV history's "most beautiful moments".
    • "You're not alone."
  • In episode 8 of season 4, Chris, Vilde, Noora and Eva coming to get Sana with an old van from a Russebus meeting where she's confronted by the Pepsi Max girls.
  • The video Even makes for Isak's 18th birthday.
  • Jonas's total acceptance and support of Isak when he comes out. Just Jonas looking out for Isak throughout the series in general. **In the first episode he asks Eva to let him come with them to the cabin,
    • He is there for him at the end of the series when Isak´s father leaves and his mother has a break down, and encourages Eva to contact him because he thinks it would cheer him up.
    • Jonas continually notices when something is wrong with Isak during season 3, lets him know he can talk to him about what is bothering him when he is ready, texting him not to worry about coming out to Magnus and Madhi and so on.
    • When Even asks if whether Jonas and the guys will come with him and Isak to the emergencies room after their fight with the Balloon Squad, Jonas simply says of course.
  • In season 2 it is revealed that Isak organized a fight against the Yakuza because they beat up Jonas
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  • Isak's male friends not minding at all that he's gay, and even helping him in getting together with Even.
  • Sana´s speach to Isak about Islam and nobody deserving to be bullied or backtalked.
  • Isak calling Sana his "biology partner and friend", showing how far their relationship has developed.
  • The girl squad looking out for each other in general, for example:
    • when Vilde passes out in season 1
    • when Noora tries to cheer up Eva with Justin Bieber
    • Sana and Noora defend Eva after she makes out with Chris and Vilde reveals she stole Jonas from Ingrid.
    • Noora noticing Vilde´s eating disorder and trying to help her
    • Vilde echoing Noora´s advice about potatoes.
    • Chris's concern for Vilde in s4e10 and their conversation in the last clip of the season finale.
    • Chris trying to comfort Sana after she tells her that she created the hate account, and promising to back her up after the other girls find out.
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  • Magnus liking Vilde for who she is and them being happy together in season four, after everything Vilde went through regarding her unrequited feelings for William
  • Magnus mouthing "everything all right" to Vilde in the last clip of the season finale.
  • Chris telling Even he is more than good enough
  • Even rekindling his friendship with the Balloon squad
  • Ingrid being friendly to Eva in the last clip of season 1, and Eva being friendly to Isak and walking up to him to say hi, despite what happened between them.
  • Eva and Isak talking in the last clip of season 3, after little interaction since season 1, and Eva reassuring him that what he did to her is in the past.
  • Almost every scene with Yousef and Sana in season 4
  • Eskild comforting Linn in the series finale, being there for Noora in season 2 and Isak in season 3. Also the fact that it is heavily implied he let Isak live in the basement, even though they just met.
  • Isak telling Sana she is a good person when they talk while she helps him study.
  • Isak telling Sana that of course she has a best friend
  • Isak telling Sana (on Facebook, not on the show) that he has her back when she worries whether the girls will forgive her or not.
  • Sana worrying about Isak being expelled because he took the fall for creating the hate account.
  • Jamila's and Sana's talk in season 4.
  • Elias comforting Sana and telling her that it doesn't matter that Yousef doesn't believe in Allah.
    • "When you are sad, I am sad."
  • Elias comforting Sana again when she thinks Yousef likes Noora.
  • Sana´s and Vilde´s text messages in Vilde´s clip in s4e10
  • Sana´s mom telling Sana that of course her crush likes her because everyone likes her

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