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Haiku / Warhammer 40,000

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In the grim darkness
of the far future, there is
only more dakka.

The Gauss beam flays him
And a guardsman falls down, dead
By proxy, mankind.

Absurdly Grimdark
There's never enuff dakka
Burn the heretic!
- Willbyr

On your drop ship hull
I planted a melta bomb
Blood for the Blood God
- Kharn the Betrayer

Dropship screams earth-ward
And here come the Space Marines
You guys are so fucked
- Kroozer101

A strange world's design
A dying man upon a throne
Watches his world burn

False gods and Man's evils
Become real through psychic might
Satan's out of the job
-Oscar Wilde

Got a humie here
How do I solve this problem
More Dakka of course!
-An Ork Warboss

The world ends in flames
You say "the Apocalypse"
We call it "Tuesday"
- Ordo Malleus

I don't get it boss
what da zog is a haiku
it don't sound orky
- Orkonymous

Communists in space
Tau will triumph over all
For the greater good!

Kharn gets a new hat
Death and laughs ensue

Behold Abaddon
An incompetent fuckwit
Also, has no arms

On his golden throne
at the heart of the cosmos
sits a rotting corpse
- NAYR Uthunder 99