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Haiku / The World Ends with You

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Dead teens play the Game
In Underground Shibuya
To come back to life.

Whammies shake the field
Save it quick, spin and slash it
Tip Pin Slammer Champ

The loner, the freak
Sorrow, regret, stabbing pain
Now deaf to the world

Black cat and nice hat
A borrowed face, her disguise
False joy in her eyes

A smirking visage
Holds life and death in his hands
Playing games with souls


Dim wit, heart of gold
Hurt his sis, he'll give you worse
Now, the beat is on!

Through the use of math
He will calculate the way
To cast down a god

He will save you all
By making you all the same
Girly name or no

I don't look girly
It's 'Ambiguous Beauty'
You're only jealous

Framed eyes of cold ice
Linger harshly on Players
The Iron Maiden

I've let you down, who
Trusted me, believed in me
I'm sorry, Neku

After all my lies
One thing I can't hide from you
Is my loneliness

— anon

Play the Reaper's game
Make a pact, don't get erased
You have seven days

Wear the new red pin
Dominate the scramble screen
Come get some hot stuff!

Fight with pins. Survive
Last for the whole week and win
Sorry. Two more weeks!


Pin-based RPG,
Relatable teen story,
Style of 2000s.

Wake up, show appre-
ciation. Wake up, time for
us to realize.

You can't live alone
Must expand your horizons
The World Ends With You.