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    Deus Ex 
  • The Laser Sight. Attach it to your weapon and it basically eliminates inaccuracy, meaning the bullet will always hit directly in the centre of the crosshairs even when the target is so far away that the laser dot is practically invisible. Given that the starting pistol can achieve one hit kill headshots even with no training, attaching the laser sight to it makes the combat ridiculously easy. This problem was fixed with the Shifter mod, which made the laser account for your character's hand sway, meaning you could no longer assume the laser was in the centre of the crosshairs and had to be able to see the dot to be able to shoot accurately.
  • The GEP Gun. You get it within the first few minutes of the game. Rockets are a relatively common find, and the weapon can be used to breach locked doors and chests, negating the need to hack or lockpick open doors.
  • The assault rifle was already a powerful weapon in its base form, and can be a death machine if it's upgraded at all. The player can start obtaining assault rifles in the very first mission (by killing the (only non-invincible) UNATCO trooper walking up the stairs right after you interrogate the NSF leader). The mods you get on the first two missions (which aren't difficult to find at all) make it a fearsome weapon. With the laser sight, it becomes perfectly accurate. Throw on a silencer, and you can mow through three or four mooks in a group before they know what hit them. Ammo becomes cheap and plentiful via enemy drops after the third mission, making it a go-to weapon for the majority of the game. Where it really shines is the alt-fire underbarrel grenade launcher - although the ammo is scarce, anyone who's hoarding it can effortlessly breeze past the mechs and groups of enemies in the final missions. And all this for just 4 squares of inventory space.
  • Max out the Rifles skill and the shotgun loses the spread effect. All the power of a shotgun blast, all the range of a sniper rifle.
  • The Dragon Tooth Sword is effective even with no skill points in melee - it's silent, it kills in one hit, it's easily obtainable rather early in the game, since it glows it can be used as an impromptu flashlight rather than wasting bioelectric energy, and with some skill in melee weapons you can break doors with it instead of having to look for a key
  • Simply getting one level of computers is enough to hack into any computer/security terminal without needing to look for the username and password. You won't have time once you're in to read all the lore emails, but a quick scan should add any passwords to your datavault and there's plenty of time to disable cameras (90% of the benefit of accessing security systems) if you're quick.
  • The humble stealth pistol is perfectly accurate with Advanced pistol skill and a couple of accuracy mods, as well as being powerful enough to headshot-kill normal enemies with a single bullet and having the rapid-fire capacity to stunlock anything stronger with repeated headshots. It's also silent and perfect for stealth runs, where you'll have plenty of time to line up shots.
  • The Speed Enhancement augmentation is incredibly flexible, boosting not only your run speed but also your jump height and distance (letting you take alternate routes and bypass platforming challenges), reducing fall damage (letting you skip one escape mission just by jumping off the roof of a three-story building) and letting you crouch-walk silently at high-speeds, making stealth much easier and making the silent movement augmentation completely redundant. And that's without learning to toggle it while bunny-hopping to rapidly traverse areas while using virtually no bio-electrical energy.
  • The regeneration augmentation is also very powerful, basically turning any batteries or energy stations into free healing, counteracting drowning or radiation damage while swimming or navigating toxic areas (so it acts as a rebreather or hazard suit) and giving such fast health regeneration during battle that nothing short of a one-hit-kill can take you down. The high power drain initially limits its use, but that's easily rectified by upgrading the augmentation a few times and getting the artificial heart augment to reduce power costs across the board.

     Deus Ex: Human Revolution 
  • The 10mm Pistol's armor-piercing modification. On its own, the pistol is a reliable, accurate sidearm with fair range and one-shot takedowns for lightly-armoured enemies. With the upgrade, Heavies are two-shot kills. At the most. And it can be obtained very early in the game, in a location you can't possibly avoid going to, with a code that's very easily obtained.
  • The Typhoon aug, when fully upgraded, makes mincemeat of the first three bosses. Use it, stun the boss, repeat. It is also an exceptional room-clearer, and ammo for it becomes a little more plentiful later on in the game. This is seemingly intentional however, as the game proper begins with the Typhoon aug prototype almost getting stolen.
  • The Linebacker grenade launcher, which is a Pre-Order Bonus given at the end of the Tong's Rescue bonus mission during the return to Hengsha, can kill the third boss in seconds.
  • Have the strength aug, hack augs and found a gatling turret standing around? Reprogram the turret and carry it around to get rid of any enemy since the thing has A) infinite ammo B) deals incredible damage C) is near unbreakable. If you are not seen carrying the thing, you even get the "Ghost" bonus.

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 
  • The Pre-Order Bonus "Micro Assembler" augmentation (found in the Tactical Pack DLC) makes several functions in the game insultingly easy. The aug converts duplicate weapons you find into crafting parts, which can be used to make weapon upgrades, augment ammunition, items - particularly Multitools (a digital Skeleton Key which can be used to hack any level door, security panel, or computer). Want to make more money than you know what to do with? Convert everything you can into multitools and sell them for profit. Sick of carrying duplicate weapons to a shopkeeper to sell for cash? This aug takes all the stress out of inventory management. The only downside is that it still costs Praxis Kits to unlock, and it can inadvertantly convert duplicate weapons (even unique ones) into crafting parts, but the downsides are menial compared to the benefits. Locked doors, safes, computers, and the money needed for Praxis Kits stop being a problem completely once you have this. It also has the benefit of opening up playstyles that are normally Awesome, but Impractical (requiring high usage of Biocell energy and/or Aug ammo), like a character who exclusively uses the Tesla or Blade Launcher to blaze through missions.
    • The Micro Assembler's usefulness even extends to the DLCs, where it can be brought in to both the System Rift and A Criminal Past expansions if the Tactical Pack is installed. Notably, the developers caught on to the broken nature of the aug and ended up giving it a Nerf in the latter DLC — it can't be unlocked until you find Guerrero in his cell halfway through the story.


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