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  • Ol' Dirty Bastard, by his nature, spawned a lot of these. He rushed the stage at the Grammys after Puff Daddy won over Wu-Tang clan to grab the mic and complain, he continued collecting food stamps long after he had made millions, once showing up in a limo with a MTV camera crew to collect them, and he played a concert in New York despite being subject to an outstanding arrest warrant. After a few songs, he thanked the crowd and ducked out the back door just before the NYPD arrived. Many, many other examples.
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  • This interview with ODB, in the middle of Brooklyn. He's barefooted, sagging his pants hilariously low, and provides this gem.
    "Basically, what we here for, is, I don't really know."
  • The Refuge in Audacity "torture" skit at the start of "Method Man", the Cluster F-Bomb Buffy Speak at the start of "Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber".
  • Their appearances on Chappelle's Show, first as proprietors of Wu-Tang Bank, then in the Racial Draft sketch where they are officially adopted by the Asian race and Ol' Dirty Bastard has been renamed "Ol' Dirty Chinese Restaurant".


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