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As a game based on slapstick comedy and being horrible to the humans, funny moments are inevitable.

  • The fact that there is a dedicated button reserved for honking. (Y button on Switch, Square button on PS4, X button on Xbox One, and spacebar on PC)
  • Breaking the fancy vase causes the neighbors to argue for a bit.
  • As Joe Zieja (Claude from Fire Emblem: Three Houses) points out, if nobody knew about the goose's interference, the male neighbor having the female neighbor's bra in his yard would seem rather suspicious... especially if it were sopping wet.
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  • Pruning the prize rose leads Messy Neighbor to hide the shears behind her back quickly in shame.
  • Holding the harmonica, the pacifier, or a glass bottle changes the honk sound appropriately.
  • Leaving a walkie-talkie in plain sight while hiding, then honking through it with proper timing to make the silly humans land on their rears.
  • Untied shoelaces on the boy and the publican's husband.
  • The whole "drop the bucket on the burly man's head" sequence.
  • It's always fun to leave items in inappropriate places, such as draping the bra over the miniature village's miniature village.
  • During The Game Awards 2019, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker present an award... but not before Beaker is seen in the world of Untitled Goose Game. But then the goose gets out...

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