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  • Some of the dialogue can be kind of narmy in its delivery. As was repeatedly lampshaded by Game Theory:
    Emily: It was just a prank, HAN!
  • Jessica's hammy speech when she thinks she's being pranked by her friends:
    Jessica: HEY! YEAH! PRICKS! I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! The FUCK are you trying to do? You wanna ruin our fun THAT BAD? Well GUESS WHAT? You can't! You can't ruin our good time! Because Michael and I are gonna FUCK! That's right! We're gonna have SEX! And it's gonna be HOT! So ENJOY IT! Because I know WE'RE GOING TO!
    • And guess what happens less than ten seconds later? Their fun time gets ruined. BIG TIME. That Wendigo must have taken it as a personal challenge. The game even shows its POV during the speech. The whole thing is telegraphed so blatantly that no matter how scary they try to make her getting snatched, it's still really funny. This might become even more funny if said Wendigo was Hannah. The image of a very nightmarish creature going all "Oh HELL NO!" is just way too funny to let go.
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  • While the voice acting in this game is generally fantastic, there is one moment during the saw prank where Galadriel Stineman gives an incredibly forced scream that sounds so fake, you'd swear Ashley was the one acting, not Josh. To make it funnier, most screams (for instance, when Jess is snatched) are not subtitled, but in this case, the subtitles not only show the scream, but don't capitalise it, which reinforces how strained it sounds.
    Chris: I'm coming Ash, I'm gonna get you. I'm letting you down.
    Ashley: argh
  • When Chris misses the ghost that Ashley sees, she rebukes him with this:
    Ashley: You were on your phone, you dip! What were you tweeting? "Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us?"
  • Mike and Jess' snowball fight, which is accompanied by bedroom music. Then, after Mike mounts her and they share some more flirtatious banter, the player is given the option of having Jess kiss him or shoving a snowball into his face.
  • While meant as a dramatic scene, Ashley and Mike mistaking Wendigos for zombies and immediately coming to the conclusion that because Emily was bitten she'll turn into one of them comes over as unintentionally hilarious. They mistake the Stranger's comment that turning Wendigo requires eating people while ignoring it was Emily who was bitten and not the other way around.
    • Also during that scene, Emily will be very displeased if she learns that Wendigo bites aren't infectious and Mike almost shot her over nothing:
    Ashley: Please, Emily, please just try to understand...
    Emily: Understand the palm of my hand, bitch!
  • Early on, after Mike scares Matt and Emily when they arrive at the lodge, if the player chooses for Matt to be calm instead of aggressive, the two guys agree to get along and Emily sarcastically asks if they'll make out now. Mike's response with an effeminate voice and exaggerated mannerisms is just dang funny.
    Mike: Oh my God, totally, we're sooooo gonna make out!
    • What's even funnier is that he may not be kidding at all. He does plan to make out... with Emily.
  • If Jessica is the only survivor, she has no idea whatsoever what's happened. As far as she knows, she got dragged into the woods by a bear, woke up in an old mineshaft, and some hillbilly psychopath chased her outside where she got rescued. She has no context for any of it at all.
  • The Cat Scare with the wolverine: First time it jumps out? Actually kinda scary. Second time? Hilarious.
  • One cliffhanger with Matt and Emily has them being surrounded by wild animals. Except those animals are deer, and as soon as the story returns to them, Matt's response is basically "Wait, what are we scared of?" and walk through them. It zig-zags around to another kind of funny when it turns out that the deer can actually present a danger — namely, if Matt tries to pick a fight with one. Incidentally, this is Truth in Television.
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  • After Josh gives them directions to the cabin:
    Jessica: I think Josh was flirting with me.
    Mike: Mmkay. You want him to join us?
    Jessica: (excited) Wait, really?
    Mike: What? No!
  • When Mike and Jessica wander into a cave, if Mike asks Jessica to scout ahead before following her.
    Jessica: I saw something! Something moved!
    Mike: Okay! It's probably just, like, a bat or something!
    Jessica: A bat?!
    Mike: I'm comin' after you — just stay put!
    Jessica: Michael, bats have rabies!
    Mike: Well, it's not gonna bite you!
  • This little gem in the beginning after Josh helps Chris climb through the lodge window to find a way to unfreeze the front door so everyone can get in.
    Chris: (after falling in and landing on his back) Ugh.... I'm okay! I should have paid more attention in climbing class...
    Josh: mean "gym"?
    • If the player takes their time getting Chris through the window, he'll start to complain that his phone is dying.
    Josh: Do you have an app that can get you laid?
    Chris: Well, actually, there is this one—
    Josh: Dude, you don't. The answer is that you don't.
    • Chris's response to Josh leaving him to get the lodge door open is probably a pretty good match to the player's.
    Josh: You up for hunting in the dark for a little bit?
    Chris: No. But I'll do it.
    • Before Josh leaves, he gives an over-the-top John Wayne impersonation. "Godspeed, pilgrim!"
    • Then when it comes time to open the door much later, you can have Chris either open the door, or convince Mike to give him the gun, which give us these two moments:
    Chris: Okay. I'm gonna open the door. You ready?
    Mike: Uh-huh.
    Chris: You ready?
    Mike: Just do it already, whoever it is has probably gone by now.
    • Or if you choose to take the gun, you'll get one of the quickest shooting moments in the game, that you will most likely fail, giving Chris this line:
    Chris: Oh no you don't- (gun is taken away from him) Oh, I guess you will.
  • In a morbid sense, during Josh's hallucinations, when the giant pig head appears, he can punch it.
  • Chris does a weird little dance after a successful stint on the shooting range.
    Chris: Oh yeah, I'm bad. I'm a badass.
  • The way The Stranger discovers Emily if she tries to hide from him in the mines. He simply walks up to her, casually takes a look, and goes "Hmpf".
  • In Ashley's first sequence, Matt Jump Scares her through the binoculars and walks up to the platform to greet her, laughing gleefully... then sheepishly petering out and tripping over his words as she responds with annoyance.
  • Mike often expresses his rage or surprise by saying things like "Fuck nuggets!" or "Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake!" His similarly colorful way of trying to refocus and take his mind off the pain if he loses his fingers in the sanatorium.
    Mike: Eenie-meenie-miney-moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, I-I-I-I-I don't know what the fuck to go. Okay!
  • If Ashley lets Matt look through the binoculars at Emily and Mike (possibly) canoodling in her first segment, when Matt first sees Mike in the lodge, it results in the camera rushing up to his face and a quick cut to a sepia flashback of what he saw. Few things could top the moment off but the siren from the beginning of Kill Bill.
  • Wendigo Hannah is still wearing her panties from when she was human.
  • When Ashley sees Chris dressed up as a monk:
    Chris: I have found my true calling. (motions a symbol of the cross on Ashley)
    Ashley: Please tell me you're going to take a vow of silence.
    Chris: (starts moving his mouth without speaking)
  • A mild and short-lasting bit of Mood Whiplash when Mike holds Josh at gunpoint for making taunting comments about Jessica during The Reveal, if Chris chooses to strike his arm to make him drop it.
    Mike: —Seriously? Did you think I was really gonna shoot him?!
    Chris: (awkwardly) Uh. I don't know.
    • And if Chris decides to defuse the situation by knocking Josh out cold instead;
    Mike: (annoyed) What the hell are you doing?
    Chris: (surprised) I-I was... you were going to shoot him!
    Mike: (conversationally) I was just messing with him, man! (inspects an injured Josh with mild interest) Just trying to scare him. You know, give him a taste of his own medicine, that kind of thing.
    Chris: (pissed) Well, what the hell, man, I could have killed him!
    Mike: Relax! He's fine, he's... (reconsiders, then shrugs) he'll be fine.
    Chris I didn't like doing that.
    Mike: Well, at least he's quiet now.
  • In the mines, if the player chooses for Emily to hide when being pursued by the Stranger, he will find her, but then give her a bag of flares and tell her to leave. Emily falls backwards, rolling down to a lower area of the mine and landing on her back... then before she can even take a breath and recover, the bag hits her on the stomach.
  • The boiler sequence. The moment you realize that the guy coming after you in a robe is only Chris.
    Chris: Boom! You just got monked.
  • If both Matt and Jessica survive, you take control of a bloodied Matt in the mines. After you find a lantern, you immediately go into a difficult-to-pass QTE where Jessica breaks a shovel over Matt's head. Even if you fail, however, Matt shrugs it off, and his relative lack of a reaction makes it funny.
  • As Mike begins to escort a mentally unhinged Josh out of the mines;
    Mike: (jovially) Alright! Let's get going, ya fucked up sonnovabitch.
  • Considering one of the characters has Plot Armor, the scene where Jess is kidnapped and Mike has to rescue her can be funny as hell if you keep failing the QTEs.
    • Special mention to Mike potentially slamming face-first into logs blocking the path...three separate times.
  • When the radio tower is collapsing, Emily shouts in a panic "FUCK ME!" That's not the funny part. The funny part is when the guy on the radio responds, it almost sounds like he's saying "fuck yourself, over."
  • Just when Mike assumes that the final threat has been dealt with, he hears Emily screaming bloody murder. Rather than fear or concern, he reacts with exasperation.
  • Mike's exasperated reactions to the incredibly hard-to-navigate sanitorium.
    Mike: (after finding yet another locked door) What- are you serious? Now I gotta find a fucking keycard!?
    • Arguably even funnier in a Black Comedy way if Mike just lost his fingers mere moments before. Poor Mike's just not having a good night...
  • If the player has Mike play with the gun in the cabin, pointing it at Jess.
    Jess: I am going to smack you if you keep pointing that at me.
    Mike: Are you resisting arrest?
    Jess: What if that thing is loaded?!
    Mike: (nonchalantly) Aaaah, that's a good point. (lowers gun and looks into the barrel)
  • In retrospect, Mike telling Jessica that no bear (or anything else) was going to open the cabin door is pretty funny. After all, the Wendigo didn't open the door — it just pulled Jess through it.
  • Sam's epic battle cry when charging the Wendigo tackling Mike.
    Sam: Hey, fatty! Over here!
    • Observant players may notice that Wendigos are skin-and-bones emaciated, not to mention that the cannibalistic murder-demon looks genuinely pissed that someone called it "fat".
  • Josh is clearly going through some Sanity Slippage while he's taken away and tied up by Chris and Mike, giving lines like "Can't tie 'em up if they just wiggle arooound!" and "Ooh, sleepover. Can we order pit-zah?" Pretty much all of his babbling is golden.
    • It's the way Rami Malek acts the scene out that really sells it.
    • It's very easy to miss, but if you have Chris knock the gun out of Mike's hands when he points it at Josh, the latter will briefly try to reach for it with his leg.
    • If Chris chooses to save Ashley over Josh in the first death trap, Josh antagonizes him:
    Josh: Chris and Ash… Chris is an ass. Ashley's a dumb-dumb. ...Yeah, you may as well let Ashley sleep with Mike. I mean at least he's got some notches in his belt, y'know? He'll treat! (pelvic thrusts) HER! (pelvic thrusts) RIGHT! (pelvic thrusts)
    • "Fine, be a DICK!"
  • When getting ready for his romp with Jess, Mike finds, of all things, a copy of the Karma Sutra in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere.
    Mike: Whoa... these guys were inventive. I'm not sure I'm ready for such advanced levels of gameplay...
  • When you encounter Psycho!Josh as Sam and attempt to escape, it's possible to do so successfully as you eventually hide in an elevator shaft. Doing so will result in Psycho!Josh standing right above her and saying: "Here, little kitty. Here, pussy pussy." Also, realizing he can't find her, he will say "Fuck!" before leaving. Hearing that word suddenly uttered by the distorted voice is pretty funny.
    • In the beginning of the same chase, if you have Sam hide under a bed, Psycho!Josh will find her and laugh as he pulls her out, as if he's cracking up at your choice of hiding place.
  • This meta fan theory/epileptic tree: "I just realized. The Washington parents' names are Bob and Melinda, the latter of which can be shortened to Linda. They have one son, who's kind of a weird dude, and two daughters, one of whom is super awkward, bespectacled, and makes disastrous attempts to pursue her much-fantasized crush. I can't believe Until Dawn is actually Bob's Burgers!"
  • If Ashley denies that the group are at fault for Hannah and Beth's disappearances when talking to Chris, their conversation will end with Chris being hit in the face with a random wooden plank.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, The Flamethrower Guy's death. After going on and on about the Wendigos, how long they have been tracking them, and going into great detail about how the Wendigo will slowly tear you limb from limb so you can suffer, watching him be swiftly decapitated with no fanfare is unintentionally hilarious.
  • At one point, when you're controlling Ashley (or Chris if he's alive), you can find a trapdoor. Now, bear in mind that the path leading to this trapdoor involves following Jessica's voice... even though you as the player know that can't be her, and the characters know that Wendigos can imitate human voices. Plus, the trapdoor is rattling. If you open it, a Wendigo jumps out and tears the character's head off. Shocking when it happens, but in hindsight, there's a huge amount of "What did you think was going to happen?" There's even an achievement for it: "You Let The Wrong One In".
  • If Matt is still alive at the radio tower scene, Emily will scream in panic that the Wendigo is coming to kill her, ignoring that Matt is also in peril.
    • Additionally, if you take a look at Matt while she’s panicking, he’s both exasperated and trying hard not to laugh, likely a similar response the player will have.
  • If in the therapy session, the player chooses either Sam or Matt as their least favorite, Dr. Hill gives an amusing What the Hell Player speech about how you're probably just jealous of their good looks and likability.
  • In a way, the part where Sam is listening to music while bathing only for the camera to reveal the Psycho standing behind her before leaving could be seen as this. While definitely creepy, another way to see it is like Psycho!Josh just went "Oh well, she's busy. I'll come back later."

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