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  • Throwing the cuddly toy at the thug. It works about as well as you'd expect, to the surprise of nobody but Max, who makes an Oh, Crap! face.
    • The canonical funny moment where he kicks a handball at Eraser's face, making a reaction one would make if he was watching his own baby walk the first time.
    • Which the Max can then follow up by attempting to steal the thug's shoes.
  • When Max has to escape from a police officer, he does so by spilling ink in the trunk of the cop's car, then slowly shutting the trunk on him, which somehow knocks him out.
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  • One of the deaths of Max includes being hit by a car after running directly toward it, while writhing in the most awkward way possible. This is accompanied by the fat thug seeming to not understand how cars work.
  • Adda is trying to sneak around a pair of chatting guards while collecting clues... By apparently inconspicuously using tongs to reach across the door to their office, jumping inside a car from above, and forcing them to talk to each other through three different phones, all easily within in their field of vision.
  • Adda sneaks into a warehouse by clinging to the back of a slowly moving van until it parks about ten yards away from where it started.


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