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  • The part where you got a convoy of trucks with machine gun firing at you. Marisa Chase tells Drake that she saw explosives with the convoy. Drake replied with something along the lines of "No no no, that's not a good plan." Then the canvas covering the backmost-truck flips open, revealing a truckload of guess what.
  • Nathan dislikes taking the "scenic route" because the last time he did it, he ended up in a ditch behind the Taj Mahal. Naked.
    Dante: Don't get more scenic than that.
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  • "Why's the building on fire?" (Because Nathan Drake, that's why.)
  • When Dante tells Nate to go crying back to Sully. Nate defiantly responds that he doesn't need Sully. The next scene?
    Nate: Sully, I need you!
  • The parrot in the scene where Nate asks for Sully's help has some very raunchy lines if you tap it on the screen ("Bawk! More, more!"). Critically, the parrot is visible in the final shot, which is a very somber moment that establishes the relationship between Nate and Sully, and how it's different from Dante's. For example:
    Nate: So you're gonna help me out?
    Sully: Of course I am! That's what partners do, right?
    Nate: No, it's what good partners do.
    * tap*
    Parrot: Bawk! Sully likes strange men!
  • The entire river scene between Nate and Sully.
  • There are treasures to grab during the river QTE. Habits just don't go away...
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  • Most of the banter between Dante and Nate in the first two chapters.
  • Examining some of the collectibles:
    • The picture of a bathtub: Rub-A-Dub-Dub, skin cancer in a tub.
    • The Fool Arcana: The Fool. Should be a picture of Dante.
    • Gas mask: (Vader-like voice) Jason Dante, I am your Father.
  • This secret cutscene you get by playing the game on Crushing difficulty.

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