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Tear Jerker / Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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  • Marisa Chase is a real archaeologist to the bitter end, unlike Nate (who has a "money-first-history-later" mentality) and does so because of the intense passion instilled in her by her grandfather. So it's a somewhat tragic conclusion that she finds that her grandfather died doing the thing he loved (and mere steps away from his ultimate goal at that) and asks for a moment alone to grieve (although it should be said she started her quest knowing it may end badly and ready to come to terms with that).
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  • Though his loyalty wavers and he ultimately chooses to be an asshole, Dante gets along quite well with Drake at the start of their adventure, and their irreverent banter really shows that the two of them were close friends. A mid-game segment even features the two teaming up a final time in order to escape Guerro's mercenaries. At the end of the game, Drake is genuinely remorseful at having to bury Dante in the ruins of the Golden Abyss when Dante refuses to leave the Golden Abyss behind.

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