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Awesome / Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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  • Nate's fight with Guerro, depending on how well you respond to the motion prompts, you get to watch Nate kick his ass almost effortlessly, and then at the end he throws Guerro onto a bridge, which collapses, sending him to his death.
  • When Chase finally gets over her fear of firearms and picks up a gun, declaring that she's done avoiding her destiny. She proves to be quite helpful in the ensuing gunfights against Dante and Guerros' men.
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  • In a meta example, the fact that Bend Studio managed to pack the entire Uncharted experience onto a portable console without losing much in the transition, showing off the PS Vita's mettle on a launch title. It is still considered one of the system's best games.
  • The sheer amount of Scenery Porn, especially the gorgeous water effects that look on par or better than anything the PS3 could produce. Many segments of the game (especially the canoeing) are designed entirely to show off the visuals.

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