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Headscratchers / Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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  • Dante. Just, Dante. Honestly, his early character development made it seem like he was going to be on Nate's side. Then he apparently cut a deal with Guerro. Then it turned out he was just kind of trying to save his own skin. And then he randomly turns evil! Or rather, Nate randomly decides that he's turned evil. See, this is my major problem with the game. At the end of the sanctuary incident, Nate and Dante aren't exactly on great terms, but they're roughly on the same side. So why is it that as soon as he sees some of Dante's mercenaries, he immediately shoots them on sight? I mean, the rational thing to do would have been to go, "Oh, hey, we're trying to singlehandedly fight an army in order to save Chase. Here's an army, trying to fight the other army in order to save Chase. Let's join up with them, and figure out how to do this." And it wouldn't even have made the game any worse. It would actually have been way more awesome to have a full-scale battle going on in and around the Quiveran cave system. Then, have Dante go all greedy on everyone, but have Nate beat him up like before, then manage to convince him that an ancient legendary city full of radioactive gold is at least as valuable as a whole bunch of normal gold. Obviously, there's the whole Foregone Conclusion, so we can't have them as billionaires at the end, but they could have just mirrored the Spanish soldiers: Dante, Chase, and Nate part ways at the end, Chase safeguarding Marcos's dagger, and making a pact to return someday to study the city. Then, you have the plot for the next game.

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