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Ocean's Eleven in the 30th Century

An in-production TV series, billed as the Rat Pack in space.

To win a war against an alien race humanity deployed a weapon which, while successful, had the unfortunate side-effect of cutting humanity off from Earth.

The military, liking the power they had during the war, are quite happy for things to stay that way. Unfortunately for those in charge, a small group of individuals have stolen a prototype spaceship capable of "slinging" itself across space, and in theory, getting home. Fortunately for those in charge, this group prefers to use the ship pull off a succession of heists and cons on those that they feel have unfairly used the war for profit. Unfortunately for those in charge, that includes them.

Gained a massive cult-following when the sizzle-reel (intended to pitch the concept to television networks) was leaked online. Probably one of the only times a new IP has a massive fan-base before it is even made.


No connection with the Marvel comic book.

Tropes applying to this series:

  • Cool Starship: The Blackjack, a prototype ship with experimental "slinging" technology that allows it to cross vast distances of space instantly.
  • Death by Origin Story: The holographic pilot of the Blackjack is a copy of DM's dead girlfriend, Jeannie.
  • Disappeared Dad: Marti's father vanished during the development of the "slinging" technology powering the Blackjack.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Robot Buddy: Junior
  • The Scapegoat: The leisure-ship captain who is shot in the sizzle reel for letting the gang escape, despite being told he was, "blameless" by the person executing him.
  • Smart Gun: Frank and his AI-imbued, hologram projecting, stress detecting weapon. Possibly a cannon Cargo Ship.
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  • Talking Weapon: Frank's best friend is his gun, apparently. Though she has been known to refuse to fire when his stress levels are too high (like, f'rinstance, in a fire-fight).
  • Wrench Wench: Marti is shown disabling the power of the leisure ship in the sizzle reel. Since her father built the titular technology powering the Blackjack it's fair to assume technical savvy runs in the family.

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