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  • The nerdy puns in NPC dialog.
    • A program warning about the impending reformat:
    "Save yourselves! The reformat is coming!"
    • Two ICPs talking about it:
    ICP 1: Not another reformat... remember the last one? I lost all my updates.
    ICP 2: You'd lose your header if it wasn't compiled on.
  • Byte's reaction to being tossed around by a couple of Z-Lots
    Byte: Hey! What do you think this is, Pong?! Ow!
  • And Byte's total oblivious attitude to the reformat wall and hordes of Z-Lots closing in as he works to undo a lock.
    Byte: You know, it occurs to me that we all reformat eventually. The Users, in their 'ultimate wisdom' decide when we are obsolete and then -"
    Jet [trying to fight off the horde]: Uh, Byte. Can we get philosophical later?!
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  • The timed platforming gauntlet on the Antiquated server has debug text on your HUD lampshading it.
    Function PathRouting
    (jump = true : ?!?fun)
    jump = ?fun; yes;
  • Jet bluffing his way past archive security in the old Encom server.
    Jet: Quick! Name the seventh even prime number.note 
    Guard: I...I can't....I... (starts jerking and twitching, then falls over unconscious)
  • The DJ in the Progress Bar is always good for some Totally Radical laughs (Daft Punk, he ain't). Nothing he does gets the patrons dancing. When Jet goes over to talk to one of the patrons...
    Patron: What kind of low-sample junk is that DJ playing?
  • When Jet arrives on the Internet hub, his heads-up display starts playing spam email headers.
  • Several the emails displays Kevin Flynn's tact and diplomacy. His reaction to Lora putting in for maternity leave?
    You two didn't waste much time, did you?
    • Another example on display, this one on the birth announcement.note 
      I fully expect [Jet] to tackle Space Paranoids' level twelve bonus arena within a few months, that is, if he's anything like his ol' godfather Flynn!
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    • And is his reaction to Alan and Lora's plan to build Ma3a's predecessor (Math Assistant One)
      Nothing like a glorified calculator to dull the mind!...Btw, will this new assistant of yours fetch coffee?
  • In a way, the sheer stupidity of the F-con goons locking Alan freaking Bradley (as in Tron's creator) in a room full of old computer parts. You'd be better off locking the Mythbusters in a hardware store.

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