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  • It's fair to say that most of the descriptions for the Presidente's traits you select qualify, but here are some of the notable ones:
  • Many radio conversations in 4 between faction members comment on various things. In Modern Times they even comment on scheduled events.
    • Comrade Vasquez, the Communist representative, discusses what Glasnost is with Sunny. He sums it up as Communist leaders admitting mistakes for once. Sunny asks him what mistakes he's made and he says that as a good communist, he hasn't made any. Business as usual!
  • In 4, building a TV station will give the citizens the chance to enjoy All The President's Children, As Tropico Turns, and The Bold and the Presidente.
  • The description for legalizing gay marriage. The advisor mistakenly uses the old definition of gay, which prompts him to question why this is such a controversial matter in the first place.
  • The mere existence of the "Shoot Juanito" edict in the expansion to 3. Even if you don't mind him that much, the fact that you can off someone that's such a part of the game is oh so fitting with the Black Comedy themes of the game, and makes one wonder why it hadn't been thought of before. For those who dislike Juanito, the Take That, Scrappy! aspect is a big bonus.
    • Betty Boom can also be pretty hilarious to those who don't mind her. There's just something funny about someone who is so utterly committed to hating you that she's criticizing wind turbines and wants to build one that spins against the wind in retaliation.
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  • Tropico's constitution recognizes the "habeas cojones."


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