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  • In Sagus Cliffs, there's a doomsaying seer who repeatedly says things that seemingly connect to your struggle against the Sorrow. If you talk to him, it turns out he's a busker, and the only thing he'll do is demand you put money in his basket.
  • You can meet an alien who is interested in all forms of reproduction, and can describe a few to you. The last one he describes is human reproduction, with him stating at the end that he suspects the ones describing it were Trolling him. The description shows they most certainly did.
    • Better yet, if you bring Rhin along, she reacts by screaming in disgust that she's too young to listen to this.
    • Eventually he says he's been invited to a viewing. Tybir, of course, claims he has one too.
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  • Near the end of the game, you can come across - for lack of a better phrasing - a living Pez dispenser. Tybir's commentary on having seen something similar takes the cake.
    Tybir: Ah, yes. It was this sort of fleshy stalk with seven faces. It opened its mouths and screamed 'Satisfy my breathing holes!' (Tybir clears his throat) There's a thousand ways to kill the mood at an orgy, and that turned out to be one of them.
  • The fact you can kill yourself before the game even starts by plowing into the ground at terminal velocity. You're even given a Non-Standard Game Over that describes your memorial being an impact crater.
  • An awful lot of what Erritis says. And an awful lot of how the Last Castoff reacts to what Erritis says, which ranges from disbelief to alarm to interest. Even his character sheet is funny.
    Descriptor: Overly-impulsive. Act first! Let someone else ask questions later - if then! Erritis has yet to see a downside to this plan.
    • If you have the Scan Thoughts ability it's even better - whatever's watching him is a really bad liar.
  • Drinking in The Fifth Eye (a bar for psychics) involves everything from the entertainingly weird to a brew that kills you dead with a swig. (It's pink, and reactions to the Last Castoff ordering it a second time are particularly great.) A highlight is the drink that brings you to bitter tears by reminding you of all the things in your life that obligate you, which change to elation upon having the epiphany that - despite these things - you're a person with free will who can act however you decide. And the aftertaste is like berries.

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