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Awesome / Torment: Tides of Numenera

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  • At the antechamber to the Bloom's heart, a high-Intellect Last Castoff can delve into the memories of the Bloom itself, even going into the very youth of the universe. This might seem like a surefire way to Go Mad from the Revelation, but the Last Castoff can do more than just survive.
    And yet... even with that brief exposure, your senses have broadened, and you are better able to comprehend the impossible. Not even your sire dared to gaze so deep into an alien mind. Last Castoff permanently gained 2 Intellect pool.
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  • One way of finally dealing with The Changing God or rather a copy of him. You browbeat him into believing that he's just a copy and not real and therefore there's no meaning to what he's doing. He ends up agreeing and deletes himself. The best part? You can later admit to The Sorrow that you didn't actually believe he wasn't real and just convinced him of it to make him go away. You tricked The Changing God into destroying himself!

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