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  • True friends...
    Glitch: This is all my fault.
    Raw: Yeah.
    *long silence*
  • Glitch has MANY good ones.
    "My noggin wasn't always this way, you know. In my hay-day, I was government adviser numero one. I was the top dog's... *takes him a second to find the correct hand* right-hand man!"

    • Glitch glitching.

    DG: Hey, you wanna move closer to the fire? Warm up?
    Raw: Shoulda left me to die...
    Glitch: Oh, great, a basket case!

    Glitch: I knew I wasn't an idiot! *looks pointedly at Cain* Or a convict!

    Cain: *they're about to jump off a cliff* Okay, on the count of three. One...
    Glitch: THREE!!! *jumps off*

  • Cain, the token Snark Knight, has some as well:

    Glitch: I've been thinkin', if Mystic Man really does have all the answers, then maybe, after he's helped DG find her mom, he could help me refill my noggin. Give Raw here some spine, and maybe do something for you about your lousy attitude!

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  • Demilo isn't too happy with his old friend...
    Demilo: How can you do this to me?!? I have a wife and children! This is my wagon!
    Cain: How do you start this thing?
    Demilo: Oh, you gotta pull the knob out, then-then twist the red thing.

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