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Headscratchers / Tin Man

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  • Why does Dorothy Gale, a famously Midwestern icon, have a British accent?
    • The books never specified where Dorothy lived before her parents died and she came to live with her Aunt and Uncle. And Henry's relatives lived in Australia, so they may have been English citizens "transported to the colonies" for any number of petty transgressions or simple poverty.
  • Why didn't The Queen and/or Ahamo do anything to remove the ancient witch that was possessing their eldest daughter? There is no reference to them even trying to save her. Did they not know until it was too late? Or was there no one in the entire magical land with magic who could help?
    • It's possible they tried, but "Witch" in Ozian terminology means The Archmage (below that are sorceresses, conjurers, alchemists, and those who might know enough folk magic to make crops grow a bit better) The Queen was no slouch, magically, but that ancient Witch may have simply been too powerful for one magic user to defeat. It took a very specific time, place, bond, and multiple magic users to stop her when she was vulnerable.
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    • The Queen weakened her own magic reviving DG after the witch killed her, which is why her hair turned grey. So she wasn't powerful to stop the possessed Azkadellia, but she knew that DG would be.

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