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Mega Ultra Super Heroes Unite:



Ultimate Rocking Rivals Unite:

  • Everything about Evil Emperor Zurg's reveal: the heroes not giving him any respect, and his ejecting of WordGirl just because she was an alien caught up in a human hero abduction. The heroes' mocking of his title also leads to this line:
    "Enough!" Zurg screamed. "You know I was going to brag about my ingenious plan, but now you can forget it!" Zurg then ran out of the room crying. Zurg ran all the way to his quarters, jumped on to his bed, and is now crying in his pillow. Standing next to his bed were two of his minion escorts, trying to comfort him. "It's not fair, those meanies!" Zurg cried. "Why is it when a villain taunts someone, they call it bullying; but when heroes do it, it's playful banter! It's discrimination I tell you!"
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  • The Sidekicks' road trip was mostly contained with these! From the boys driving the girls nuts by singing the theme tunes of long-cancelled TV shows, to a run-in with Phineas and Ferb that sent their van hurtling into low orbit with them still inside of it, the list goes on.

Vacationing Hero Families Unite:

Super Eggheaded Geniuses Unite:


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