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  • In the "Anchors Aweigh" chapter of the Snippet Collection, Yui checks in on her old unit, the Imperial Royal Guard's White Fang Test Flight, afraid that they'll piss off everyone with their YAMATO DAMASHII, and is pleasantly surprised that her old XO Amamiya is keeping a cool head. She then checks in on Skull Flight, and is at first relieved that Focker's keeping a cool head and reminding his pilots their adversaries are their allies once the exercise is over... until Focker drops this bombshell:
    "Our real enemy is the Army. Remember ladies! We have one objective and one objective only: it's CRUSHING THE ARMY!"
    • The end of exercise reveals Both the US Navy and US Army lost to the US Marines which their leader Captain Wilbert D. Collins tells the Navy to "suck it!" Their defeat was so humiliating that both the Army and Navy end up Drowning My Sorrows together.
    • And then Yui ends up joining them, after the USS Porter nearly kills the President and Air Force One.
  • Also from the Snippet Collection, Ellen Aice's many "deaths", each more outlandish than the other, and how she keeps surviving no matter what. It gets to the point where her squadron's personnel specialist keeps multiple copies of Ellen's reinstatement paperwork pre-filled and her friends make bets on how long will she "come back from the dead".
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  • Hibiki horrified reaction when he discovers Feulner stuff his VTF with Haggis, which he hates very much.

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