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Funny / The Lovely Bones

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The Film:

  • From the early moments of the film, Susie drives her brother to the hospital...and goes right past her parents on the road. The two just gape at each other as if to say "did that just happen?"
  • The entirety of Grandma Lynn's visit - accidentally setting the stove on fire, shrinking Buckley's clothes in the wash, washing Lindsey's hair in the sink with egg whites, not knowing how to work the vacuum cleaner, killing all the plants, and ruining the washing machine. At least for the last one, she and Buckley have fun playing in the suds.
    Grandma: Of course we're a family. Your father's a wreck, your mother's in crisis...
    Lindsey: And what does that make you?
    Grandma: I'm in charge.
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  • Susie and Clarissa complain about having to watch Othello in class. As soon as Ray appears and asks Susie what she thought of it, she immediately Squees "it was amazing!"
  • Ruth's teacher and his ridiculously over-the-top reaction to her drawing a woman's breasts in art class.


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