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Heartwarming / The Lovely Bones

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  • In the film, Abigail, who ran out on her family because she couldn't deal with Susie's death, comes home after several years, goes up to her daughter's old room and says "I love you, Susie." Pass the tissues, please.
  • The last line of the book and movie: "I wish you all a long and happy life."
  • When the family dog passes away from old age and, when reuniting with Susie in the afterlife, knocks her over with happiness. *Sigh*
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  • "Of course it's beautiful. It's Heaven!" It's the way she says it.
  • "You are beautiful, Susie Salmon".
  • A meta-example for the movie: Throughout the filming of the murder scene, Stanley Tucci was seriously uncomfortable about playing Mr. Harvey, a role he was reluctant to take in the first place. What does Saoirse Ronan do? Give him a big hug. D'awwww!
    • It's also sweet to Saoirse continually commend Stanley for taking on the role, especially since Stanley was genuinely worried about upsetting her.

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