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Nightmare Fuel / The Lovely Bones

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  • As a general rule of thumb, the movie is considered Lighter and Softer in more aspects than the book, so therefore has less examples.
  • There's the prominent real life worry that if your child doesn't come home on time, she may have been murdered.
  • Susie's rape is described in first person point-of-view with detail. It's not that long, but it's enough to make the reader feel sickened while reading it.
  • Not only is Susie raped and murdered, but afterwards, her killer cuts her body into pieces. The only things the police ever find of her are her hat, a charm off her bracelet, and thanks to the neighbor's pet dog, her elbow.
    • It's also worth noting Susie mentions it takes her a little time before she can look down on Earth, which she describes as having to "fit her limbs together." Considering Mr. Harvey dismembered her body after he killed her, this may be taken literally.
  • When Lindsey is in Mr. Harvey's house, Susie sees echoes of his other victims. The passage in which she gives a rundown of them all just reads as very creepy.
  • There's also the fact that Mr. Harvey effectively gets away not only with Susie's murder, but the murder of plenty of other girls too. The best consolation is that he later dies in a way that implies Susie could have been behind it.
  • Ruth gets a glimpse of the ghostly deceased women and animals coming out of Harvey's house and following him as he drives down the street. The women themselves are described as wearing bloody clothes, and when Harvey is stopped by a cop, Susie describes it as a sea of body parts filling up his car.
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  • Perhaps the least bothersome example, but sex in a creepy broken-down old house probably isn't as romantic to others as it is to Lindsey and Samuel.
  • The sentence "My delicious death moan."


  • The expression on Mr. Harvey's face when he takes the washcloth off after killing Susie is borderline demonic. You almost expect him to growl like a demon.
    • Stanley Tucci's whole portrayal of Mr. Harvey is scary as all hell. Even before killing Susie, his mannerisms and behavior towards her are bone-chilling.
  • In the film, the murder itself is never shown. However, we do get a scene of Susie watching her murderer cleaning the blood off himself in a bath. Her blood. We also see the sack with her body in it. Even though we don't see any pieces, we do see Mr. Harvey throwing it into the safe. This only makes the scene at the end with the sinkhole even creepier when you remember that the safe being tossed in has a dismembered fourteen-year-old girl inside of it!
  • The scene where Lindsey finds the book detailing Mr. Harvey's plans to murder Susie. It may have been an Awesome Moment for her in that she got away, but she comes so close to getting caught. Even when she knows Mr. Harvey has come home, she's still reading the book until she hears him run upstairs.


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