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Tear Jerker / The Lovely Bones

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  • From the book: when the family dog dies, Susie worries that he won't recognize her after so many years apart. He does.
  • Also the book's description of Jack dealing with the bottles. "All the years they marked and the hands that had held them. His dead father's, his dead child's"
  • Susie's charm bracelet. It's known that she was wearing it when she was murdered. Years later, Len hears about a murder victim found with a charm that didn't belong to them. Abigail and Jack recognize the charm as Susie's, but without the rest of her body and the bracelet itself, there's no way to prove it. Later still, the bracelet surfaces at a construction site — but nobody who sees it realizes its significance.
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  • When Ruth asks Lindsey if she misses her sister, Lindsey replies, "More than anyone will ever know."
  • Grandma Lynn pointing out that the memorial and vigil held for Susie is, functionally, her funeral, since they never found her body.


  • When Susie meets the other murder victims and the youngest one runs up and gives her a hug, but your mileage may vary between certain scenes.
  • The scene in the film when Susie's parents learn of her death.
  • "You were not there when your daughter needed you."


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