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Tear Jerker / Love, Simon

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  • Simon coming out to his parents is profoundly uncomfortable.
  • Martin outing Simon, especially for anyone who's actually feared being outed. Not only had Martin publicly humiliated him, but Blue tells Simon they can't talk anymore and Simon ends up screaming at his sister out of sheer frustration, sending her off in tears before he starts crying himself.
    • Worse, Simon ends up alienating all of his friends, including one he's known since childhood who's highly offended that he didn't trust her enough to tell her (especially since he was completely oblivious to her crush on him) simply because they have no way of knowing, let alone understanding, that his forced matchmaking was done out of desperation to avoid being blackmailed.
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  • Cathartic as it may be, the only reason Simon flips out at Martin in the parking lot is because of how robbed, betrayed, and powerless he feels.
  • The lonely shot of Simon pulling up to the coffee shop's drive-up window and taking his single cup of iced coffee as opposed to the tray of four he shared with his friends at the beginning.
  • When Martin first starts blackmailing him, Simon starts ranting at him about it, including asking if Martin was going to tell everyone that he's gay. Except he can't even say that he's gay. He just stutters over it before amending it to leaking his emails.
    Simon: What if I say no, Martin? I mean, w-what are you gonna do? Gonna tell the whole school that I'm g-g-g— You're gonna leak my emails?
  • Ethan telling Simon about his own experiences being openly gay, how his mother seems to only barely accept him and sounds proud when she lies to his grandmother about dating girls, using the "she's old and religious, she won't understand" excuse. It goes beyond You Are Not Alone and straight into Humble Pie for Simon, who's own coming out experiences are a cakewalk by comparison.
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  • The truth to Simon's fear. Ask any gay person, even when they are 99.9% certain that the people around them will see them no differently, the 0.1% fear of losing these important relationships is always there. Simon has no way of knowing for certain that his friends or family wouldn't think less of him, or even what will become of his relationship with Blue. And he only gets one chance. Thankfully, everything turns out fine.

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