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Funny / The Invisible Man (1933)

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  • Only someone as awesome as Claude Rains could make this bit of dark humor funny.
    Griffin: I hope your car's insured, Kemp: I'm afraid there's going to be a nasty accident in a minute... a very nasty accident.
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  • After escaping a police stake-out with a patrolman's pants (It Makes Sense in Context), Griffin puts them on and goes skipping down the street singing "Nuts in May," scaring an old woman half to death as she believes he's chasing her. Probably funnier is the fact that he almost trips and goes "WOOPS!" after he sings.
  • Griffin steals a drawer full of cash out of a bank and scatters it in the street, singing "Pop Goes the Weasel".
  • Anytime Mrs. Hall screams in the film. To quote James Rolfe: You'll be so annoyed, you'll actually find yourself laughing about it!
    • The fact that her screaming gets annoying to the point that her own husband, who had been injured by Griffin, tells her to shut up.
  • The montage of the populace locking up their doors against the Invisible Man ends with one guy declaring "I'll keep him out!" while he nails his door shut.
  • Several times in the film a character will say something along the lines of "He could be standing in this room right now!". And every time, the other characters will look around nervously. What do they expect to see?
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  • Inspector Lane gathers the major players in the hunt to detail his plan to catch the Invisible Man, removing almost all the furniture and sweeping the room with a net before having them sit around him on the floor. He can't help smirking at how they look like they're in a kindergarten class.