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Funny / The Descent

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  • After the bats fly out of the cave entrance:
    Holly: (impersonating the Count from Sesame Street) One bat, two bats, fifty bats!
    Beth: Holly, fuck off.
  • "The Queen is dead. Long live... the fuckin'... queen!" (Context: Said while attempting to stretch a leg over one's head before promptly falling over.)
  • "I'm an English teacher, not fucking Tomb Raider."
  • An extremely dark example, but Beth's Audience Surrogate moment after Holly breaks her leg and the full gruesome mess is revealed:
    Oh, that's fucking disgusting!
    • And immediately after, when Sam mentions she needs to push the bone back in, the deadpan reaction is darkly humorous.
    I... hate you.
    I know.
    • It's also oddly sweet: Sam and Holly have only known each other for about a day, but they're comfortable enough to smack-talk each other and see it for the friendly gesture it is.
  • A Behind The Scenes example (discussed on the DVD's special features) came as the result of some Enforced Method Acting. Throughout filming, the Crawlers' appearance was kept secret from the actresses, so that their reactions would be more genuine to the first appearance. Unfortunately, this went horribly right as the women scattered off the set entirely.
    • Other Meta Funny Moments come from seeing the actors all done up in the crawler makeup...and seeing them joking and dancing around while looking like horrifying monsters.
  • Another Behind The Scenes example came from the dummy used for Holly's corpse. Someone put a fake penis on the dummy's pants, much to the actress's comical horror. Her first response was to pull it out and say "Fuckers! Who do I throw it at?"