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Headscratchers / The Descent

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  • Just how many freakin' Crawlers are there in that cave? Seems like every one that the ladies kill is quickly replaced by two or three new arrivals, yet the likelihood that enough unwitting animals and idiot spelunkers could be wandering into or near the cave to sustain even a handful of human-sized carnivores seems like the strongest argument for the Through the Eyes of Madness theory.
    • I suppose that's meant to be explained by all the animal bones strewn about the 'feeding chamber', although as written they would be very poor hunters outside of the caves.
    • There could be other animals that adapted to live underground in the cavern that they hunted. Or since they are somewhat humanoid, maybe they could be omnivores who can survive on plants as well.
  • So apparently the 'Crawlers' only use their sense of hearing? One doesn't smell Sarah when she's two feet away (even in a charnel pit their should be some recognition that a sweaty human smells different from a bleeding one), one doesn't notice when his hand is resting on her head, and he doesn't notice the heat coming from her torch (again, about two feet away). How the hell do they hunt on the surface with only one sense to rely on? Surely a deer would smell them, then notice the white creature, then haul it- all while the crawlers are trying to locate it through a forested area using only echolocation and the sounds of its hooves.
    • Possibly they are ambush hunters, lying in wait near game paths for something to pass by that they can grab. They seem cunning enough to cover themselves with leaf litter to obscure their presence from prey animals, even if they don't fully understand that it's their scent and appearance that they're concealing, not just the sound of their breathing.
  • If the carnivorous crawlers have been using both cavern entrances, as implied by the elk carcass and cave art, and if they can climb on ceilings so easily, why was there a large flock of bats present to be startled when the ladies first enter? You'd think the little mammals would have all been gobbled up by the crawlers or driven away by the creatures' nightly movements in and out.
    • Since the girls don't encounter the crawlers for a while, we could assume that they weren't in that area of the cavern at that point, allowing the bats to settle.