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Nightmare Fuel / The Descent

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

After seeing this movie, you'll never be more grateful to be above ground.

  • The very first time a Crawler is seen up close. Perhaps the most terrifying Jump Scare in the entire film. Arguably the scariest thing about this moment is that the crawler doesn't even attack. It's just sitting there, watching them, and doesn't even move until Holly puts the camera on it. Almost as if it doesn't have any reason to exert itself, because it knows there's no way they can escape.
  • The scene where Sarah gets stuck in that horribly, horribly tight tunnel. Also, the shots of the girls (primarily Holly) crawling through it will make even those with mild claustrophobia feel very uncomfortable.
  • Sarah's hallucination of Juno in the car.
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  • The scene where the crawler is right beside Sam and Becca as they're hiding, and it's making that horrible sound...
  • The deaths of Paul and Jessica. The noises as the pipes go through his head... and when the camera pans out, you can see that his hands are still twitching...
  • The possibility that Sarah could have been hallucinating the monsters and it was her that murdered her friends.