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The Dark Lords of Nerima

  • "Are these fugitives really so skilled at hiding their trail that they can confuse your vaunted beasts?" "If they were just 'skilled' it would be nothing. This trail is... diabolical. They're taking the rooftops, jumping, doubling back on themselves, crisscrossing countless times in every conceivable direction... In all my years, I've never seen anyone take such a perverse delight in confusing their path." They're talking about Ryouga.
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  • "...and considering all this, the conclusion is unmistakable. We are being challenged by a highly organized, devilishly subtle group of foes." Used to describe the Nerima Wrecking Crew.
  • The Closet Shuffle scene.
    • Ranma uses this to explain to the Senshi why his female form looks familiar in Ascendant. The only thing the dumbfounded Mercury can say is "That makes no sense."
  • When Shampoo, Ukyou and Akane go to help Ranma and Ryouga at Furinkan High, they "get in character" and the result is hilarious. "Dark Queen Shampoo", anyone?
  • Rei's attempt to divine the goals of the Nerima crew in her sacred fire. A minor Moment of Awesome for the fire in managing to get even as close as it did.
  • The moment Ranma realizes that all the girls added extra explosives to the pedestal, then learned that the whole thing was on a gas main.
  • Happosai, one of- if not the- most perverted characters in all of anime, vs. an army of scantily-clad demon women, most of whom fall into the category of Cute Monster Girl. Need we say more?
    • Cologne's reaction just makes it even funnier. "Merciful ancestors, it's him."
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  • One can't blame Tuxedo Kamen for getting tired of Kuno's ham-filled speeches. When he finally defeats his opponent, he utters: "Kuno Tatewaki, in the name of love and justice... shut up."
  • Jadeite and Luna are at Furinkan High, getting ready to take the fight to Ranma and Ryouga... when Gosunkugi accidentally tramples the already-injured Dark General in his haste to leave.

The Dark Lords Strike Back

  • As dark as the Interlude is, it isn't completely bereft of humor. Prince Herb confronts Ranma shortly before the attack on the Dark Kingdom begins, challenging him to a duel to take place at a later time and telling him that he worked to remove any weaknesses—including his susceptibility to women's breasts. Unfortunately he said this within earshot of his wife, Xi Feng, who immediately flattens him and cusses him out—much to his puzzlement.
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  • After the time reset, there is a long chapter describing life in Nerima in the aftermath, things that occur differently, things that change, and the author indulges in some traditional Ranma-style hijinks. The phoenix girl who shows up with a necklace that promises three perfect date for her and whoever she loops it around, which naturally starts a war over who gets to use it she eventually uses it on Konatsu, without even realizing he's a guy, Ranma's new fool-proof cannot fail plan to finally get Pantyhose Taro renamed, which fails spectacularly.

The Dark Lords Ascendant

  • It's clear that Tuxedo Kamen remembers Kuno years later, if his reaction to another speech at the start of a fight between the Wrecking Crew and the Senshi is anything to go by.
  • Nabiki's Spit Take when she sees Kasumi escorting Sailor Saturn to Ryouga in their own home.
  • After being liberated from Metzger's concentration camp, the assorted monsters decide they will now serve Ranma and help the Dark Lords finally defeat the Sailor Senshi. They decide that they'll do this by trying to match one of them up with Ranma. But which one? One that is strong, a capable fighter and skilled at martial arts. They settle on Sailor Uranus.
  • Then there's Haruka and Michiru's reaction when they realize these Youma are trying to set Uranus up. Needless to say, it doesn't work.
  • When Beneda and Minako sneak into a meeting of monsters to see what they are up to, they're let in on the plan to "defeat" the Sailor Senshi and Minako decides to turn it into her personal dating service by suggesting they try to pair Mousse with Sailor Venus.
  • Ikuko's reaction to finding out the truth about her daughter is truly epic:
    In the doorway stood Tsukino Ikuko, filled with all the resplendent wrath of a mother who has learned that her daughter has snuck out at night. And then learned that she had been doing so for years. And then learned that she had been sneaking out to fight superhuman menaces trying to kill her. And then had been forced to wait anxiously until her daughter had returned from her latest life-and-death struggle.
    The result was spectacular, to say the least. "Uuuuusaaaaagiiiii!"
    "Eeep!" Sailor Moon—one of the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos, a being who had faced down ancient demon goddesses and planet-killing eldritch abominations, a being whose incalculable magical power could reshape the very fabric of reality itself—went pale as a sheet and darted over to hide behind Tuxedo Kamen, peeking out from around his larger frame at the terrifying sight of her furious mother
  • Then comes the meeting where it's officially all put to rest, bringing the Sailor Senshi up to speed as to what Ranma and company were actually up to. But it wouldn't be Ranma without something mucking up the works, and a series of Disaster Dominoes start falling one right after the other leading to Ranma going into the Nekoken while the dumbfounded Senshi just watch, particularly Mercury, who starts to disengage her brain until everything returns to normal.
    Sailor Mercury: Is it this? With you people?
    Ryouga: Like this? No. Not always. Sometimes it gets really crazy.
    Sailor Mercury: Oh.

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