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Heartwarming / The Dark Lords of Nerima

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This page no longer contains spoilers. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.

The Dark Lords of Nerima

  • In her darkest moment, after she revealed to the Nerima Wrecking Crew the extent of her deception, Beneda runs away on the verge of absolute despair and shame. Hobbled by various injuries and intense pain due to the massive burns on his back, Ryouga proceeds to find her on his own to comfort her. Think about that for a moment.
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  • Subsequently, Beneda carrying Ryouga back to Dr. Tofu's clinic, and the others being more concerned about the fact that she was back safe than they were about her earlier freakout.
  • Beneda's nursing of Ryouga, especially where she is learning to put ointment on his burns.
  • Kuno comforting Kodachi, after being traumatized by the Darkmistress impersonating their mother.
  • While staying in character, Akane, Shampoo and Ukyo made sure to assure Sailor Moon that her friends were alive.


The Dark Lords Strike Back

  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Ranma manages to keep Sailor Moon alive by feeding his ki into hers. His concern in doing so causes her to realize that she has to live herself if she wants to deny the forces of darkness any shred of victory. It's a very touching moment between two people who - in all honesty - have never truly met each other yet.
  • Meihui reconciling with Cologne after the battle, due to the former realizing how much of a fool she'd been and how much time she'd wasted over her grudge.


The Dark Lords Ascendant

  • Ranma surrenders to Neo-Queen Serenity after the duel in chapter 6 goes straight to hell. His only request? That no matter what is done to him, they let the rest of the Nerima crew go. Serenity's relief at his attitude is palpable and it looks like the two groups will finally patch things up... when Tanizaki makes his move at precisely the wrong moment.
  • A moment that crosses into Tear Jerker territory: Throughout the story, Genma was experiencing guilt in some form or another for all the running away he'd been doing, including—much as he didn't want to remember it—keeping himself and Soun from getting involved in the Dark Kingdom attack during the Interlude. During a critical moment while dealing with a massive energy cannon, he tries to decide whether to destroy it from afar and let all the hostages die in the explosion, or be more exacting about it and disable it up close—putting himself at risk. His train of thought was: "Who did he want to save? And who was he willing to sacrifice to do it?" In the end, he doesn't run away.
  • Sailor Moon was dead-set on finding a way to save Unit Zero. In Chapter 18, she finally accomplishes it by splitting the Silver Crystal in half and giving one of the halves to her clone. The sheer joy Unit Zero feels from the gift she was given makes her start bawling, and shortly thereafter she is finally able to sleep peacefully after previously being too afraid to rest.

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