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Funny / The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

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  • Mr. Electricidad is very intent on having his name pronounced correctly: "Mr. Electricidad, exactly. Not Mr. Electric, not Mr. Electricidadadadadadada."
  • Linus the bully's utterly hamtastic delivery of this line.
    Linus: I did not! Mr. Electric, send him to the principal's office and HAVE HIM EXPELLED!
    • No, strike that. The utterly hamtastic delivery of anything Linus and his alter-ego Minus ever says.
    • Not to be outdone, Mr. Electricidad follows it up with this...
      Mr. Electricidad: You’re in my class! Not the other way around! I know everything! And you...know nothing! At the end of class, both of you report to the principal’s office...with your parents!
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  • Lavagirl blasts Mr. Electric with fire, and it appears as though it works, but he reveals he's Playing Possum with an Eye Awaken and says, "Not for reals."
  • When Max gets hungry in the Dream Graveyard... let's just say he should've chosen his words a bit more carefully.
    Max: I'm so hungry, I could eat lava rocks.
    (takes a bite out of something Lavagirl offers him, and promptly starts steaming from the ears and coughs up a mouthful of flame)
    Max: What is that?
    Lavagirl: Lava rocks.
    • Sharkboy then offers him a piece of "fresh" sushi which he claims is only a few weeks old, and when Max predictably turns it down, Lavagirl offers to warm it up only to burn it to a crisp.
      Max: Never mind. I'm not that hungry.
  • Sharkboy's deadpan suggestion when the main trio find that they can't control the Train of Thought.
    Lavagirl: What do we do?
    Sharkboy: Yell? (shrugs) Scream?
    (cut to them doing just that)
  • Max and Sharkboy's reaction when Lavagirl wakes up on the ice bridge.
  • When Mr. Electric shows up on Earth, we get this:
    Mr. Electricidad: I don't believe it!
    Max: It's right there in front of you!
    Mr. Electricidad: Well I can see that! What I can't believe is... You dreamt me! As a big round bad guy!
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  • George Lopez gives his usual comedic style as Mr. Electricidad.
    Electricidad: Okay, kids, who's next? Remember, there are no dumb ideas.
    Linus: Maybe we can freeze his circuits!
    Electricidad: That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. We're in the middle of Texas, in August.
  • Max tries to make something for them to float down a river in, and Sharkboy stands behind him, eyes closed and chanting "Shark boat with turbo boosters". His face when he opens his eyes and looks expectantly is hilarious.
  • At one point, the trio have to escape the land of Milk and Cookies or whatever the hell, and they need Max to fall asleep and dream up a boat. They do this by having Sharkboy sing a lullaby, with lyrics consisting of how Sharkboy is going to beat the shit out of Max if he doesn't succeed. AND IT WORKS.
  • Sharkboy tells Max they should ask the Ice Princess for help and adds that Max will like her because she's the prettiest girl in the world. Lavagirl angrily blasts him.
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  • Sharkboy's reaction to Lavagirl's fiery kiss.
    SB: [blissfully] Ouch...


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