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  • Popo's dandelion coffee is horrendously bitter. We see Lisette's reaction to it first-hand, and subsequent mentions of the coffee are met with revile from everyone else.
  • Queen Anastasia sneaking away from the castle and getting really, really drunk at Kayaj's tavern. To merely quote the lines here would do the scene a great disservice, because what really sells it is the delivery.
  • Kayaj delivers another one shortly afterwards when Marie arrives and Alto is going around town trying to get information about her. When asked what she wants to drink, she asks for soup, which he says is kind of a drink... and then whips something up that's apparently really spicy.
    Marie: *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*
    Marie: Ho he hi!
    Alto: Too spicy?
    Marie: ...Delish!
    • Kayaj then says that she likes spicy food, so she'll probably be a real drinker when she grows up.
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  • After Ewan appraises the dagger that Keith was given as payment for his contract with Mordi's mother and finds it to be worth far more than he'd originally figured, thereby extending the length of time he's in debt...
    Mordimort: Alto, help me... I can't handle... three more years of Keith...
  • Dorothy's ending revolves around her and Alto going on a picnic after the end of the Eclipse. This results in Dorothy trying to make hamburger steak and potentially killing Alto in the process.
  • Nonoka's ending is basically one huge sexual innuendo after another as they try and make food. It's quite hilarious.
  • Giselle's ending starts with her waking up Alto, while wearing a maid uniform, and what's more it turns out that Rusty put her up to it.
  • Veronica's first affinity event involves a love potion that has every member of the squad falling heels over head on Alto. Luckily, Lisette and Hilda didn't ingest the food laden with the drink and helped shelter the poor guy before everything settled down. Cue in Veronica enjoying herself at this 'social experiment.'
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  • Rusty's second level event. It starts off exactly as one would expect, with Rusty trying to teach Alto how to pick up girls. The two hit on a young noblewoman... who turns out to be REGENT ELMAR'S NIECE. This gets even funnier later in the game as Rusty is seen heading for a date with a familiar-looking girl after he gets over the depressing events of a mission in the desert. Looks like she did take a shine to him after all.
  • Ewan's first event. Ewan gets a shipment of tea, and is talking to Alto about business when he learns that the carts he needed to pick up the tea couldn't arrive. Alto offers to carry the boxes, so Ewan says that he'll treat him to a cup of the expensive tea. His reason? If Alto becomes a tea fanatic, he'll spend money at Ewan's shop anyways.

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