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Tear Jerker / Stella Glow

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  • Hilda stabbing Lisette with the Carbuncle and leaving her to slowly die.
  • Anastasia's death, right after seeing her plans to save her people end up causing them untold death and misery and being betrayed by the person she most trusted.
  • Xeno's death, which can be seen as a Heel–Face Door-Slam.
  • Alto is such an All-Loving Hero that in the true ending he decides that if anyone deserves to be saved, it's Eve, and tunes her heart to remove her despair. Later, Eve exults over how wonderful positive emotions feel, telling Marie that she wants to have a beautiful heart and if she'd felt anything like this before she'd have never tried to destroy the world.
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  • Eve being forced to stay behind and sing for all eternity to prevent the Moon falling, right when she was about to go with the party to repent for the Eclipse. Alto lampshades the awful timing, but she says she's happy as long as Marie is happy, and that when they see the moon they'll think of her and smile.

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