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  • After the events of Chapter 8, the entire team is demoralized, especially since the enemy they're fighting is a god. They all go their separate ways at first, but then other characters help change their minds.
    • Alto is completely unsure of himself and his purpose until Lisette's mother Rosa reminds him of things only he can do, galvanizing him to fight even against impossible odds.
    • Lisette, Popo, and Mordimort are helping the citizenry when the capital's attacked again, leaving the medicine and supplies with the people while they go to defend it.
    • Rusty, Sakuya, and Nonoka are fighting pointlessly against the angels, only for Dante to arrive and goad them into fighting where it'll be of use.
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    • Ewan and Keith are trying to escape the city and prioritize their own survival, but Dorothy guilt trips them into going back to defend Alto when he needs help.
    • Archibald is in a complete Heroic BSoD after Anastasia's death and despite Elmar ordering him to defend the city, he doesn't. Elmar demands he be given Archie's sword and armor if he won't fight, reminding him of the queen's last words and how if he doesn't do anything she'll have died in vain. This stuns Archie into helping Alto when he needs it, and it culminates in nearly every playable character rejoining your side for a battle royale.
  • Elmar makes a speech to the citizens telling them that the 9th Regiment is not to blame, if anything he should be the one at fault for letting Klaus near the queen, and despite being mistrusted and called traitors the regiment still fights for Lambert. He urges the citizens to take up arms and join in the fight for humanity, and they do, with Bianca, Franz, and Rena arriving and healing the party completely.
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  • When Alto faces Elcrest, no matter how much damage the enemy hits you with, Alto will not die and refuses to give up, making you unable to lose.
  • In the neutral ending, Alto bluntly tells Eve that humanity can run itself without her, killing her as per Marie's request. In the good ending, he tunes Eve to save her and tells Cartesia, the embodiment of all humanity's despair, that humanity denies her and what she is.


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