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Trivia / Stella Glow

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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Loads of this!
    • Sailor Moon (Viz Media re-dub): Popo, Lisette and Nonoka are Sailor Guardians Sailors Moon, Saturn, and Mars, respectively. And of course, Alto is Mamoru, and Moon once again has a thing for him.
    • Hyper Dimension Neptunia: Lisette, Popo, Hilda, Mordimort, Nonoka, Veronica and Bianca are the voices of Nepgear, Abnes/Histoire, Blanc, Neptune, Compa, Noire and Plutia respectively.
  • What Could Have Been: While fans were making a Spanish localization patch for the game, they came across data for an unused ending for Anastasia that was ultimately cut from the final game.

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