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  • When Kikuchiyo tries to prove his lineage with a scroll. As the senior members of the Seven examine it, you can see in the background one of the other members count on his fingers the years involved in Kikuchiyo's claim. He begins to laugh uproariously in quiet just before the readers realize that Kikuchiyo would have to be a child — a thirteen year old girl — for his evidence on the scroll to make sense.
    • Kikuchiyo's whole drunken bragging ends up with him chasing Katsushiro and Heihachi who keep confiscating his nodachi. Finally, Kikuchiyo becomes so exhausted that he collapses onto the straw in a drunken slumber and starts snoring loudly.
    Katsushiro: Is he really a samurai?
    Kambei: Only in his mind.
  • Kikuchiyo's failing Kambei's Secret Test of Character is funny in its own right. While holding the "auditions" for his team, Kambei arranges for a booby trap by having someone hide next to the door with a blunt object, ready to wallop whoever comes in. Kambei knows that a trained samurai would either be smart enough not to fall for it or skilled enough to avoid the attack, which is exactly what most of the candidates do. When the untrained (and drunk) Kikuchiyo comes in, he walks right into the trap. We don't see him get hit, but Katsushiro's Reaction Shot and the cartoonish *Bonk* we hear say it all.
  • Kikuchiyo demonstrates his skill as a horse rider by riding behind some bushes... and the horse gallops out alone with Kikuchiyo chasing it. Even Kyuzo is laughing at the sight.
    • This becomes a Brick Joke, since Kikuchiyo has to ride that same horse to the bandits' camp later, with the similar results.
    • Meta hilarity, as Toshiro Mifune is probably the finest swordsman and rider of all the actors, but is cast as the buffoon who can't ride. Apparently this was done on purpose to distract the audience away from Kyuzo's actor, who was not trained in riding but plays the finest warrior of the bunch.
  • Kambei breaking the tension before the final battle with the bandits by telling Katsushiro, who was discovered with one of the farmer's daughters the night before to "Fight bravely, for now you are a full fledged man!" causing both the farmers and the other samurai to laugh.
    • Although Katsushiro likely felt it was a case of Dude, Not Funny!, seeing as he was reluctant to begin with, and his finally hooking up with Shino resulted in her father, who was paranoid of just such a thing happening that he hacked her hair off, beat her while Katsushiro did nothing.
  • Kikuchiyo Dressing as the Enemy and having an idle chat with one of the gun-wielders before drawing his sword. The Oh, Crap! look on the bandit's face is what sells it, along with Kikuchiyo's gleeful laugh as he gives chase.
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  • Gorobei is watching an impoverished Heihachi cutting firewood for food, and chatting with him about battles, and Heihachi says that he knows he can't kill all his enemies, so he usually runs away. Gorobei asks him "Incidentally, are you interested in killing thirty bandits?" Which causes him to massively miss his mark on the next chop, and look at him with a perfect "WTF?!" expression.
  • Old Gisaku has some amusingly deadpan lines, most notably when told that they're bringing seven samurai instead of the originally planned three or four:
    Gisaku: I thought we might need that many. But if I told you that, you'd bring fifteen.
  • At one point, Katsushiro is gushing to Kikuchiyo about how awesome Kyuzou is.
    Kikuchiyo: (yawning) You're amusing. Your jabbering is very interesting.
  • Bandit scouts are examining the village's new defenses. To keep the bandit leader from learning that the village hired defenders, the six samurai are hiding in a hut. It's a tense moment. And then Kikuchiyo (who obviously hasn't heard about the scouts) comes wandering through the village with his enormous sword, yelling "Where is everybody?!" The second Kikuchiyo gets within grabbing range of the samurai hideout, Heihachi reaches out, grabs him, and yanks him out of sight.
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  • When the peasants in town report to the samurai of Kikuchiyo's fighting ability, Katsushiro wordlessly begs Kambei to let him do the test again with only a big, beaming excited grin.
  • On the way to the village, the samurai notice that Kikuchiyo, who had been following them, is nowhere in sight, and think he gave up. Then Heihachi speaks too soon.
    Heihachi: Now that he's gone, I kind of miss him.
    (Kikuchiyo pops up in front of them)
    Kikuchiyo: This way!
    Heihachi: Dammit.
  • Kikuchiyo's witty remarks to the farmers while training them.
    Kikuchiyo: You all look simply splendid. Like a bunch of scarecrows.
  • When Kikuchiyo asks the farmers' children if they've got "a pretty sister", Heihachi jokingly pokes him in the back of the head.
  • The way Kikuchiyo eagerly bites his lip when he asks Yohei where he's been hiding all the pretty farm girls.
  • The farmers' first attempt at hiring a samurai is a disaster. He ends up completely broke after gambling with the labourers. When he picks a fight with a larger labourer, he quickly retreats back to the upper floor of the inn.
  • Katsushiro's Hypocritical Humor when he chides Shino, whom he thought was a boy, for picking flowers.


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