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  • Early on, Kyo is being scary and has Yuya backed up against a tree. It looks like she's terrified of him... and then she headbutts him in the chin and basically tells him to fuck off.
  • Hello! What could be funnier than seeing Sanada Yukimura in a DRESS!
  • Kyo has a #1 servant!
  • Yukimura and Kosuke pulling a switcheroo on Akari!
  • Hotaru taking a break and trying to move a caterpillar out of the way with a toy helix in the middle of a 4-against-1000 battle.
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  • See the bloopers of the English dub on YouTube. Dan Green has one you need to hear to believe, at around 3:40:
    First thing I'm going to do is get laid, then I'm gonna get laid again, then do some crack and get laid some more. Because that's what I'm all about. Getting fucked.
  • Hotaru is a walking CMOF. See below.
    • Hotaru and Yuan's dynamic makes for endless hilarity. One element is the names they use for each other. Yuan insists on calling Hotaru by his old name, "Keikoku", resulting in constant Do Not Call Me "Paul". Hotaru cannot pronounce Yuan's incredibly simple name, electing to call him "Yunyun" instead. Which exasperates Yuan to no end, because he thinks it sounds like a panda's name. And "Yuan" is easier to say than "Yunyun" anyway. This led to an amusing trend in fanart of Yuan being portrayed as a panda bear.
    • Hotaru spends his entire fight with Anthony trying to get Anthony to call him Hotaru instead of Keikoku. After he wins, Anthony finally concedes, but not without throwing a few needles at Hotaru's rear end and informing him that:
    Anthony: A "Hotaru" is a firefly. If you want to be named after one, you'd better have a glowing ass!
    • When Yuan found little Hotaru-to-be, he was the angriest child in the entire world, and responded to "hi" with "I'LL KILL YOU" and flailing at Yuan with a sword. Yuan was holding him by the scruff of his shirt and the little monster would not stop trying to stab him, resulting in Yuan throwing him at a wall.
    Yuan: Uh, crap. Is he dead?
    Six-year-old Hotaru: I'll kill you. I'll kill the Four Elders!
    • During Hotaru's fight with Yuan, it's revealed that he can take elements of any fighting style he's seen and adapt it to his own. This is a Moment of Awesome. The Crowning Moment of Funny comes when he tries to punch Yuan in the face, which Yuan dodges while yelling in confusion. Hotaru ends up punching a wall, and then stares at his own bloodied fist and says sadly that he can't punch as hard as Bontenmaru.
    • The same fight includes Hotaru unlocking his subconscious power, which activates his Crimson Eye. His reaction to this is to remember that Shinrei thinks the Crimson Eyes are pretty, at which point he turns to his half-brother and gloats. Shinrei yells at him.
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  • The Former Crimson King's meeting with the Taishiro, when he is talking to Fubuki.
    Fubuki: Former King, sir... That is a pillar, Your Majesty. Not me.
    Yuan: Pfft!
    Hishigi: Yuan...
    Former Crimson King: So very sorry! I misread your face, I mean, your stature, whatever. It's this nearsightedness. So hard to see sometimes.
    Former Crimson King: Ah, Hishigi, don't scold him. I like the way that Yuan never seems to squat on ceremony.
    Yuan: Why thank you, sire.
    Former Crimson King: -continues talking to another pillar-
    Fubuki: I'm sorry, sire... but I'm afraid, again, that isn't me.
    Former Crimson King: What?!
    Yuan: HA HA HA HA HA!
    Hishigi: Yuan.
  • In an omake, Fubuki asks the other Taishiro what they should do about Kyo and his group, and this exchange ensues.
    Hishigi: I think we should do whatever you feel like, Fubuki.
    Tokito: Jeez, Hishigi, way to take a stand.
    Yuan: Sigh, fighting already. Hey, is this meeting over yet?
    Hishigi: ...
    Tokito: Fubuki-san, when do we get to the important stuff?
    Yuan: So I can go, right?
    Fubuki: Any opinions? Any?
  • Shihodo's flashback in volume 28 features her coming up to the gardens at the top of Onmyo Palace. Fubuki snarks at her, Muramasa scolds him, and they start to bicker Like an Old Married Couple. Shihodo gives up and goes to sit with Hishigi instead, and we get this:
    Shihodo: Aren't you going to stop them, Hishigi?
    Hishigi: They do love to fight.
  • Akira taking Misery Poker Up to Eleven.
    Bontenmaru: The most miserable person should be the one whose own mother repeatedly plotted to have him killed! Who'd that be? Oh, I guess that'd be me! Ain't that right, Akira?
    Akira: Yes, I suppose so. But consider my story. Until I met Kyo, I had nothing to eat or wear. I clothed myself in garments taken from men who died on the battlefield. I scrounged for food, eating items found on the roadside and wild grasses. Thanks to that, I can even stomach partially-rotten food today. I've nearly died three times. Once, I got caught stealing and was beaten to a pulp, but survived only because being arrested saved me from having to find a place to sleep. When I made camp in the wilderness, I would often have to sleep in trees to avoid wild dogs. Of course, if the bandits found you, they'd tie you up and sell you into slavery, so I did learn rather quickly how to feign being dead. Parents? What parents?! Why would I even care to find out who they were? I don't remember them, so it hardly matters. But who really cares about me, hmm?
    Bontenmaru: ... Damn.
  • Yuan pauses to indulge in Trash Talk in the middle of his intense battle with Hishigi. As he is telling his unimpressed opponent about how he's going to win, Akari whacks Kyo across the battlefield and he slams into Yuan, toppling him like a bowling pin.
    Yuan: What GIVES, Kyo?! You ruined my speech!
  • Also during the above fight, Yuan actually gets snark out of Hishigi on multiple occasions:
    Hishigi: I get the impression that you are taking it easy on me, Yuan. Or more likely, your swordsmanship is not as good as you think it is.
    Yuan: Ouch.
    Yuan: I'm nice and angry now. Just plain steamed.
    Hishigi: What a wonderful coincidence.
    Yuan: I'm clearly tougher than you. You can't fool these eyes!
    Hishigi: Clever.
  • The back of the volume 35/36 combo features Yuan wearing Julian's incredibly tacky leopard-print cowboy hat and possibly even MORE tacky fur-trimmed leopard-print cape. Yuan sports a shit-eating grin, and Julian is scowling and yanking on Yuan's blindfold tails in irritation. It has to be seen to be appreciated.
  • Kyoshiro telling Yuya that Kyo cares about her but is bad at expressing it because he's the emotional equivalent of a three-year-old. Kyo reacts like one and starts menacing Kyoshiro for daring to imply that he has feelings. Kyoshiro hastily revises his assessment... Kyo is clearly the emotional equivalent of a four-year-old.
  • In the epilogue, several characters come to visit the little house where Kyo and Yuya live now, and some of said characters bring them gifts.
    • Akari gives Yuya books of other people's secrets, prompting Bontenmaru to scream and try to take the boxes away from her because his secrets are Volume 1.
    • Okuni gives Yuya an aphrodisiac. Of course.
    • Shinrei has sent stacks upon stacks of the Mibu Tribune and a subscription.
    • Yukimura and the Juyushi show up carrying Anri's present: more Tengu Buns than Kyo and Yuya could ever possibly eat even if they wanted to. It is also revealed that Anri and his family have opened "Tengu Land" on Mt Kurama, complete with theater and haunted house. They've had over 500,000 visitors.
    • Anna sends them rice bowls like the one the "An" family gave Hotaru when he was a kid. One has a bunny on it, and the other has a wolf.
    • Shihodo's gift is many volumes of the teachings of Confucius.

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