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Fubuki is Shinrei's father.
Look at the hair, people. Just look at the hair.

More seriously:

  • Poofy, silver hair that no one else has: Check.
  • Power(s) related to water: Check.

I know we "saw" Shinrei's father in flashbacks but: 1)We also saw Fubuki pretending not to be someone's father ie, Tokito. 2) We never saw that guy's face, and 3) nor were he and Fubuki ever in the same room.

Fubuki's undead cat is Hishigi's cat

1) It looks like Hishigi, come on.


2) This concept art shows the cat in question at Hishigi's feet.

UNMARKED MAJOR SPOILERS. Shihodo is Kyo's mother and a True Mibu

Possibly limiting her power somehow in order to keep under the radar. Kyo's father could be either the Sendai Aka no Ou or another True Mibu who somehow died.

Shihodo is ancient. She is stated to be several thousand years old, and yet she's never exhibited any sign of the Death Disease, a latent defect in the Battle Dolls' genetic code that can surface at any time. We've never seen another Mibu even close to her age except for Kyoichiro and possibly Chinmei (the first two Crimson Cross Knights, and by extension the closest thing to perfect Battle Dolls the True Mibu ever made), and it's never even outright stated that they're older than she is. It seems very unlikely based on context that a Battle Doll would have survived the millennia she has.


Also, in the final battle against the King, none of the other Battle Dolls can attack him. He knows this. And yet he asked Shihodo to kill him if he started to walk an evil path. In the events of the manga itself, she puts a sword right through his chest. Yes, he let her, but he also let several of the other Mibu attack him in the final battle and they couldn't.

The strongest argument against this WMG is Shihodo's severe curb-stomping after she let Muramasa and Kyo leave the Mibu, but it's pretty well established that Hishigi is ridiculously powerful and he wasn't even dying then. And again, keeping under the radar. We're also shown Shihodo taking a dive against Kyo and then effortlessly overwhelming him when he pisses her off enough.

She obviously knew True Mibu, because they didn't die out completely until after Kyo was born. And it is (or should be) one of the biggest questions of the fandom: where the hell are Kyo's parents? If the True Mibu were so powerful and only one or two remained, how did they die?


Kyo was sent forward in time to save the Mibu. UNMARKED MAJOR SPOILERS

Kyo just kind of appeared 22 years before the beginning of the story. There is no mention of him actually being born within the Mibu clan, and he arrived just as the Mibu Battle Dolls stopped being able to have children. The Shodai Aka no Ou calls Kyo his "final son" and the last scion of their people. Calling Kyo his son may or may not be figurative, but it's possible that he sent Kyo forward as a child so that he would grow up outside of the brutal world created by the True Mibu.

UNMARKED SPOILERS. Some of the Current Mibu are actually Hybrids

The upper level Mibu (like the Taishiro, Goyosei, etc.) are actually hybrids of the battle dolls and true Mibu.This is why they are more powerful than the others that are shown, and why they can turn their eyes red for extra power.

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