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Note: all spoilers are unmarked!

Episode 1

  • When talking to Larry, one of the options leads to Larry and Sal listening to a metal song. Larry starts headbanging. Sal, after a Beat, starts headbanging too - which may look to an outside viewer as Sal slapping himself in the face with his pigtails for the whole duration of the song.
  • When talking to Charley, a local geek, Sal lets it slip that he has never heard of "My Glitter Ponies". Charley's response is a seven-second-long stare.
Episode 2
  • Sal babbling like a lovestruck fool after meeting Ashley, who even gets angelic singing and audible sparkle effects during her introduction.
  • Sal's nonchalant chatting with ghosts while anyone accompanying him stands with wide eyes and an expletive or two.
  • Sal walking in on his cat Gizmo sitting on a sofa watching police action movies.
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  • Some Black Comedy can be found in Sal's encounter with Stacy's ghost. When she manifests, her body is impaled on her bed's boxsprings, her throat is torn open, her face is frozen in horror and she, unlike other ghosts, doesn't even speak. What Sal has to say is...
    Sal: Are you okay?
Episode 3
  • Sal responding to Travis' homophobic slurs:
    Sal: You know we aren't all actually gay, right? I mean, besides for Todd. Todd is super gay.
  • If you go to talk to Larry while breaking into Mrs. Packerton's desk:
    Larry: You ever wonder what dinosaurs would think of music, if they were still alive? ...I bet it'd blow their freakin mind, dude.
  • Sal walking in on his cat Gizmo taking a bubble bath (shower cap and all), complete with a Record Needle Scratch.
  • Sal meeting Todd's parents for the first time. Janis is sitting on a sofa, with a blissed-out expression on her face, while Ray is sleeping in her lap. Then this exchange occurs:
    Janis: Ray and I were just watching some television, and then he passed right out like a little baby! Hehe! Isn't he the cutest?
    Sal: Uh, sure, I guess so. But, you guys don't have a TV.
    Janis: Yeeeeaah, isn't it so nice without all that noise.
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  • Sal and Larry are trespassing on (now clearly proven to be dangerous) Mrs. Packerton's flat, when they hear the flat door being opened. The boys hide behind the dresser, exchange mutual a platonic Dying Declaration of Love, then Larry throws his arms in front of Sal with both of them squeezing their eyes shut while an ominous shadow approaches them. Then...
    Ash: Hey, sorry to ruin the moment, but what the hell is this place?
  • A closer look at the books in the lockers nets this:
    Sal's locker: "Physics 101", "Advanced Mathematics"
    Larry's locker: "Generic Textbook"
  • Larry's reasoning for keeping Sal's painting (which is basically a piece of paper with some paint splatters):
    ""Great art doesn't need to be beautiful, as long as it conveys genuine emotion. And I feel the shit out of this, man, I really do."
Episode 4
  • Sal chatting with Beelzebub during Nightmare Sequence:
    Sal: Who are you?
    Beelzebub: I am. Lord Beelzebub!
    Sal: Whoa, really? So, you're like the devil or something?
    Beelzebub: No. It is a nickname. Bestowed upon me by my kin.
    Sal: Family can be rough.
    Beelzebub: Indeed.

    Sal: ...Alright, whatever you say, Edgar.
    Beelzebub: It's Beelzebub. Lord Beelzebub!
    Sal: Okay, Bubs.
  • Sal walking in on his cat Gizmo sitting on a sofa watching police action movies (again), with the wall behind the sofa covered in stickers.
    Sal: Dude, really? Where do you keep getting these stickers?
    Gizmo: Mrow.
  • Todd has moved out of apartments to live with his boyfriend. What do his parents do? Convert his old bedroom to a weed garden, of course!
  • We find out about the first time Larry saw Sal's face. Turns out, Sal was headbanging so hard, his mask flew off and whacked Larry in the face.
  • One of the objectives has Sal and Larry collect several teeth scattered around the apartments. At some point Larry starts making tooth-related puns.
    (upon picking up the third tooth) The tooth will set you free.
    (upon picking up the fourth tooth) You want the tooth?! You can't handle the tooth!

    (upon picking up the fifth tooth)
    Sal: What, no stupid pun this time?
    Larry: I couldn't really think of any, to tell ya the tooth.
    • It arguably gets better in Russian translation, since it uses various tooth-related idioms.
  • Ash finally meeting Larry's ghost at the end of episode. What sells it is Larry's deadpan reaction.
    Ash: (wide-eyed) Holy. Fucking. Shit.
    Larry: Hey, Ash.
    Ash: You guys were telling the truth this whole time!
    Larry: Well, yeah, duh.

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