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Trivia / Sally Face

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Some have taken to collectively addressing Sal, Ashley, Larry and Todd as "The Salt Crew."
    • Russian fans sometimes call Sal "Salo." No hidden meaning here; it simply sounds similar.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The game has a sizeable Russian fanbase.
  • I Am the Band: Steve Gabry, the developer, composes and performs all of the soundtrack himself. This includes the songs of fictional band Sanity's Fall.
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  • Lucky Translation: In Russian, Sal's nickname is translated as "Salli-kromsali." "Kromsat'" means "to mangle", which makes the translation doubly spot-on: "Salli-kromsali" can mean both "mangled Sally" and "Sally who mangles."
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The very first concept of Sal was one of a boy with a girl's face sewn own. This was later ditched in favor of a prosthetic.
    • Some rewards on Episode 1's IndieGoGo page list Episode 2's title as "The Treacherous", which was later changed to "The Wretched."
  • Word of God: Steve Gabry occasionally answers questions about the characters on various platforms, mainly Twitter. Some examples:
    • Favorite food: Sal likes applesauce, Larry would probably like watermelons. Both of them like pizza.
    • Ashley tends to bite her nails when nervous or bored.
    • Larry has family in Spain.
    • Lisa and David believe in astrology.
    • Sal likes painting his nails.
    • Sal is a bit afraid of dogs after his accident, but he still loves animals in general, and that includes dogs too.


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